I think it's awful that Eugene's piss-poor code potentially exposed the personal information of thousands.

It's entirely possible that the vulnerability I kept trying to tell Eugene about was used to pop gab but that's none of my business

maybe don't suspend security researchers, you'll receive more (and better) bug reports :/

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@r000t I don't know about that vulnerability you said you reported, but I know Gab fixed a pretty bad sql injections days after the leak, that was introduced 22 of January here, fixed 1st of March. Considering the timing of the breach, and that no alt-right pure-mastodon instances got attacked in the same way, I'm convinced your vulnerability has nothing to do with it

@a000d4f7a91939d0e71df1646d7a48 possible != probable

I really just wanted the opportunity to shit on gargron

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