Hey iPhone fans, congrats on your innovative, never before seen, brand new, groundbreaking, disruptive, status quo smashing, home screen widgets.

This is the HTC Dream. It was released in 2008.

@r000t It's a shame they no longer make phones like this. I love that keyboard.

@r000t I really want a phone like this but with powerful hardware and Linux 😍

The Rogers version, at that, based on the bar of buttons. The T-Mobile version that was released as the G1 had circular buttons. I had both versions for testing back in the day. Memories.

@ren_kaidou I remember that the keyboard was a bit of a pain to use...

I was one of the earlier contributors to cyanogenmod back in the 1.5 cupcake days and I have a rather complicated history with Android in general. Comes with the territory 😑

@r000t it took 12 years for Apple to make it sexy, though

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