Hey Kids! If you notice your cell signal going from 5 bars to 1 or even 0 when you're at school, remember that cell jamming is very very illegal, ZERO schools have permission to run one, and the FCC would definitely like to hear from you!

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Cloudflare domain:

Isn't that also a criminal misuse of federal resources, at least if it's a public school?

@r000t Please check your signal when you are next to a window to test whether the signal is intentionally being jammed or if the walls of the school are just absorbing the signal. If the signal strength is still one or zero bars next to a window, it is far more likely the school is actively jamming the cell signal.

Yes yes yes!

Concrete is ass for RF propagation, but low band is helping to fix this.

But definitely triple check before getting an inspector on site!

@r000t not to mention that it's very dangerous. Imagine not being able to call emergency services, and first having to find a landline or leave the jammer's range...

But! Be aware that some buildings are legitimately Faraday cages. You should start suspecting jamming if you lose signal outside the building as well as inside the building.

@r000t Has there been any cases of this being a thing? I wouldn't put it past some schools.

@r000t It's legal in Russia (and afaik a lot of schools are practicing it)

@r000t my school says it's our "metal roof" but that roof isn't metal.

"No, you cannot simply operate a Faraday Cage. This isn't fucking Wormderp people!"

Yes, and again, the FCC would really like to know about it

some stores do this too. they can get away with it if the "jammer" is just building materials selected for those properties
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