Do you have children? Please do me a favor and teach them cursive writing and how to use a fountain pen. I know phones and DocuSign are all the rage, but these basic skills should never die out.


@JohnsNotHere Has Docusign been legally tested yet?

Not that I'm aware of, but that's the excuse most people go to when I raise this concern. Between cursive and the Oxford comma, I'm willing to die on this hill.

@JohnsNotHere People use Docusign as a reason people "no longer" have to learn to sign their name?

I'm very very very sad now.

Yes. I've had HR people say that the signature is dead since everything is electronic now, so physical signaturs aren't as important. I teach part-time and I can see some of my students struggle with their signature. I gave them a fountain pen today to sign with and melted a few brains...

@JohnsNotHere Not sure the fountain pen is 100% necessary, but enough cursive to sign your name should be mandatory to graduate the 5th grade.

You're right, it's a personal choice but I feel it does help with positioning and stroke.

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