When the largest platforms automate the handling of abuse reports, the malicious use of these tools becomes easy, and attractive to attackers.

It's the reason we need to move away from a centralized Internet.

If your livelihood depends on a platform like YouTube or Twitch, you should consider "mirroring" all of your content to a server YOU control.

You cannot get falsely banned from your own equipment. Period.


"But I need YouTube for discovery reasons!"

Remember the way back when? The long long ago? You'd share a funny flash video by **copying the URL and sending it to a friend**? Remember when that's how your content went viral?

If people aren't linking your content to their friends, it's not good.

Newer content creators are focusing on comments and likes, signals for **YouTube's algorithm** to show it to more people. How about optimizing for real, actual virility?


"But my agreement with YouTube/Twitch says I can't multicast or mirror to any other site!"

Sounds like you sold your soul, and all of the creative output thereof! Congrats, sellout, you're in their walled garden! Beholden to their rules, their policies, their AI.

If it was never about the money, get out. If you need that contract, understand that folks misusing the automated ToS enforcer is a risk of doing business. Like a tornado.

Now, it's 2019.

We aren't sharing flash videos by pasting links into MSN Messenger, to people who ostensibly know roughly how to use the Internet.

Your audience may only know *how* to sLaM tHaT nOtIfIcAtIoN bElL.

ActivityPub is here now. Your blog, microblog, video channel, live stream, all of these things are RT/boostable from every ActivityPub service. And it's still decentralized.

Over the next few years, there will be money to be made by moving content creators to their own servers.

@r000t Platforms have blinded people to the cost of the internet’s infrastructure. I’ve seen “sticker shock” on a handful of people who had no concept of things like domain registration, nevermind actually running a server and paying for bandwidth.

It’s good for people to be educated on this, though. The Internet isn’t a natural resource. It was built and at great cost, and needs money to maintain it.

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