"I want an unhackable phone"

If your net worth is less than a half million dollars, and you aren't a power user:

Get an iPhone, keep it updated, set an alphanumeric passphrase. It will cost 6 figures minimum to hack your phone. You aren't that important.

@r000t so, uh, what about those people with net worth over $500k? Asking for a friend

@jerry If you're that important, you got "a guy" for that. Have that guy worry about it.

@jerry Though the realistic answer is: "You're important enough for someone to blow a 0day on. You'll need to put in some effort."

@r000t understand. I thought you might be aware of something specific that my friend ought to look into. Thanks

@r000t @jerry
What about those who are "a guy" for that of someone with net worth over 500k?

Ofc, asking for a friend.

@Wolf480pl @jerry
When you're just Joe Somebody, decisions can be that easy, because they aren't worth the effort.

The CISO of a company will make decisions based on threat models specific to that company and its leaders, and where an attacker is likely to put effort. When you're a head of state, your intelligence service makes these decisions.

Information security is two parties putting effort onto a scale. Heavier side wins.

@r000t @jerry
Ok, I guess I'll send my friend some links to guides on threat modelling.

@r000t It irritates me but that seems to be the consensus. Only a few android phones are encrypted and get immediate security updates. But apple phones are expensive and not everyone can afford them.

@Argus For Android, I'd say "This year's Sammy if you're rich, any recent Moto if you aren't"

@r000t @Argus Samsung? Motorola?! Have you seen their update track record recenty?! Pixel phones if you're rich, Android Go if you're not.

@amsomniac @kensanata
Oh good lord, I looked at that enormous flow chat and got nauseous. That's a lot of effort.

@amsomniac @r000t @kensanata oh shit, today's timeline made me want an android phone again so I can do this.

@r000t but why'd you want an unhackable phone? Even if you aren't a hacker youself, maybe you have a friend who is a hacker, and if you get an unhackable phone, your friend won't be able to fix it for you when it breaks, and you'll have to pay the manufacturer for repairs...

@Wolf480pl @r000t with half a mil net worth you probably are more concerned with the wrong people accessing your information than you are about dropping some cash on a new phone if it breaks...

@kungtotte @r000t

yeah but we're talking about net worth less than half a million, i.e. the case where OP recommends an iPhone

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