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More to the point, if someone needs to be pre-emptively shielded from all negativity, they may wish to put the computer away.

Nick Jr., Noggin, and Sprout are still broadcasting for their convenience.

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If you admin a Mastodon \ Pleroma \ Misskey \ Peertube \ Funkwhale \ whatever, chances are, you are using Nginx as your main web-server.

Currently, it is free and open-source.

If Rambler is to claim Nginx as their product, there's no telling what might happen to it's legal status as free software, and, as a consequence, no telling if using it "for free" will be a viable option any longer.

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The internet is real.

Therefore, whatever we do or say here has consequences that are not only for and on the online sphere.

I even wrote a fucking paper about it at Uni. No, the internet is not virtual. It is just another platform of communication.

It's just different than old media, like newspapers, because you can't 'touch' it. Yet, the consequences are pretty much the same, if not even amplified, for online you're dealing with way more a wider audience than an old school newspaper would.

This is why things like online harassment and bullying are so much the order of the day.

This is also why everything you say here, especially in public, matters.

All of this to say that yes, while we're communicating through a mostly text-based platform, there is gender online.

Every single word we utter or write is socially historically and economically contingent. Text has tone, and tone has nuances. And they may reflect gender, race, age, etc.

To deny any of it just because we're on mastodon... Is to deny the fact that the world is just not the same whether you were raised accordingly to what gender you were/are perceived as.

And THAT is a dangerous thing to ignore.

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Why use TLS when you can use SSH?

* Usernames
* Transparent TCP tunneling
* No bloody X.509
* stderr
* Built-in file transfer and remote command facilities
* Multiple streams in one connection
* Interactive tools
* Hipster
* Has a port already
* Less NSA?

Discord problems?

Remember when we hosted our own voice servers?

My voice server has zero downtime. Funny, that.

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Unreal. People in the federated timeline are debating whether or not to vote because “voting supports capitalism”. I do understand that there are a lot of anarchists on the fediverse, but not representing your own interests in the legal construct that you have to live under is, well, crazy. Otherwise, you end up looking like a “sovereign citizen” (for entertainment, look that up on YouTube) and no one takes you seriously.

Become informed and vote. Encourage others to do the same.

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Hey, , do you know that rule that you either set both background and text color or you leave both unchanged? Well, it applies to emails as well. You didn't really mean to inform about a privacy policy change in white text on white background, right?

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Skids hitting centralized game servers offline should remind you why having players host their own servers was a Very Good Thing.

Twitter hosting literal bomb threats 

(-) An Open Letter to in regards to their DDoS attacks this evening 

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I have my Google Takeout data.

I'd like to do something with it, such create some webpage with that data.

Do you know of such a tool? I don't want to do this manually.

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Hey crew! Don't forget to turn off or deactivate sign-ups on your personal servers/services that don't need them! One thing enterprising spammers do is they find smaller services that have built in oauth login APIs for remote sign ups (like, "log in with facebook" kind of stuff) and use your endpoint as the authenticator.

It's not all of them that do it, and some systems are smart enough not to have an issue with it, but it just takes one upstream flaw or a clever zero day for a spammer to get a foothold on targets via your system.


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Pro tip:

Memes that immediately polarize any two target groups are likely manufactured to manipulate social attitudes and stop the opposed groups from finding commonalities, and breaking down avenues of communication.

You should consider seeking values that bind us, not issues that divide us.

I've been playing around with for a while.

Providing AWS keys and performing authenticated requests is strongly recommended, but I can't imagine Amazon would be very happy with someone making bulk requests to find open S3 buckets.

Does anybody here have experience with that? Do they ToS people for that or do they just not care?

Also fun:

Let's say Brain Bleach is invented. You can reliably and provably erase the last x seconds/minutes/hours of memory from a person's brain.

Could you, then, be compelled to sit down with an investigator, unlock your computer, so he can sift through it, copy illegal shit, and then afterwards, be made to forget everything else he saw?

Here's a fun thought exercise:

You can be compelled to open a safe. You cannot be compelled to surrender a password.

So let's say in 200 years, technology has evolved to produce safes that scramble and encrypt the order of the atoms within. So, the contents of that safe are only the contents of that safe with the key. Saw it open, get something else.

Can you be compelled to open it properly?

And wow holy fuck do I have a lot of Twitter accounts to go back up. Thanks for the fucking warning, Jack.

This would also include:
* Incarcerated persons
* Deployed members of the armed forces
* Comatose people
* etc.,

unless they can get someone to log in and accept the new ToS on their behalf.

And you can only imagine what clause they added to their ToS that they're so hurried to ensure applies to their entire userbase, even people who may have died.

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