Now referring to Windows/Exchange admins as "AD Carry"

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yeah i use vim *mashing my keyboard* *doing sick triple-key combos* *dvoraking at 200WPM*

heres my code. if it detects systemd on your computer it wipes your home partition. its a little thing called preserving the unix philosophy.

I will not run it in a sandbox
I will not run it in Firefox
I will not run it here nor there
I will not run it anywhere.

RGB stuff needs UV lights for the "black" setting.

An airline gives cheaper fares if your DNA shows that your ancestors are from the country in question. They call it "DNA Discounts"

That's such a hilariously bad idea and I'm very saddened that there are people cheering for this.

The instructions on the pizza box for posting pictures of the pizza to Instagram include how to manipulate the lighting and angles to make the pizza look most appealing.

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"We really want to hire you dude, after all we found your fabulous resume on LinkedIn! But first you're going to need to install this dubiously-named .exe file on your company computer, OK?"

Waiting for a cell carrier that understands that they are an ISP. Nothing more. They deliver packets to and from a device. And they don't care what the device is.

No upselling. No mining. You're buying a SIM card and IP transit for whatever it's stuck into.

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CVE-2018-16864 : exploitable since 2016
CVE-2018-16865 : exploitable since 2013
CVE-2018-16866 : exploitable since 2015 ( but fixed by mistake on 08/2018 )

- brick PC bugs ( EFI erase ) ✔️
- Many account of unbootable machines after an upgrade: ✔️
- Uncountable vulns since years ✔️

Seriously, what is gonna take for distro to finally put back systemdD(isaster) to the dump trash it belongs ??

Oh, and any linux distro lead willing to share the huge hush money they must have won to accept that utter shitty piece of trash in the first place ?

I don't see any other reasons now...

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Why in the hell would you allow your Venmo transactions to be public for the world to see?!? Ok perfect, now I know Con Ed is your utility company, I know what time of day you like to go out to lunch, I know what city you live in, I know what university you went to and I know who your siblings are--all in the span of three minutes. I pay for most things in cash just to avoid there being any kind of electronic record of my purchases and here are people just publishing that info

Electron is a worldwide scam perpetrated by Samsung, Micron, and Hynix to sell more DRAM modules.

I think Twitter became about public outrage right about the time it became a customer service platform.

When Twitter became the go-to place to complain about/to Pizza Hut, complaining about everything else just came naturally.

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"We cannot expect governments, corporations, or other large, faceless organizations to grant us privacy out of their beneficence."

A Cypherpunk's Manifesto

Damn, gotta be on the road tomorrow and Torvalds just dropped the dankest kernel ever.

So we'll be treated to:

* RGB lighting that turns brown when the voltage sags
* Enormous lithium batteries around the crowd that brought us overclocking
* Idiots who were spared a surprise reboot but do still have to wait for their modem and router to come back up
* DDoS is old hat guys, why not get breakered off by some 13 year old in Russia?

Step 1) Approach UPS manufacturers

Step 2) Inform them that there are currently zero power products currently marketed to gamers in the traditional way

Step 3) Welcome back to 2020! JIZ Ligma's midlaner just got their third full item, and this power spike is brought to you by APC! APC's new MLGSniperXxX OwO Edition Uninterriptible Power Supplies give you up to a 10 minute spell shield against power outages, brownouts, and other power events that just aren't epic, bro.

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