China now has an AI "news anchor.

The US needs to hit back with a modernized M-m-m-Max Headroom.

For the past 4 months, HP has been running ads showcasing the fingerprint-unlock features of their laptops.

By showing a kid placing his sleeping parent's finger on the sensor to unlock the PC.

This is a legitimate Microsoft remote assistance webpage.

The problem is, because Microsoft licenses LogMeIn for their remote support, this page accepts any LogMeIn code.

Tech support scammers send people to this, very legitimate page, and give them their own remote access codes.

Elon Musk Tweeting shitposts is way better than him Tweeting my phone number tbh

DellEMC very upset that Epic Games trademarked V-Bucks before they could.

"I want an unhackable phone"

If your net worth is less than a half million dollars, and you aren't a power user:

Get an iPhone, keep it updated, set an alphanumeric passphrase. It will cost 6 figures minimum to hack your phone. You aren't that important.

If for some reason it's not appropriate or convenient to use a password manager for a given service, I'll use a sentence making fun of the service for not hashing their passwords.

If they hash passwords, they'll never know.

Fresh Windows 10 VM. Brand new, straight from ISO.

Plug in a Razer keyboard, and within a minute, there's Razer's horseshit software asking me to sign in.

The drivers automatically obtained from the Internet, now seem to contain the vendor bloatware.

Would it be ethical to just drop the list of vulnerable sites this kid's using so the other children spam everything in sight and burn them?

Manages 10.57% CPU utilization, still thinks he can take out IRIS.

Skids will be skids.

Almost 10. Keep trying, bud! I haven't even had to move this to an SSD yet.

None of them have even hit the inbox. It all hits spam.

Keep trying, sweetie. You *almost* made IRIS hit 2.5% utilization!

This sort of display out of you won't make you any better at Fortnite btw.

I find a Denial of Service exploit in ProtonMail, potentially allowing an attacker to delete any account they choose.

I discover that even email providers have fanboys.

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Update on the Bluetooth coffee mug: It's nagged for firmware updates twice in a week.

Definitely wanna see some patch notes.

Maury Povich, pictured here, to announce results of paternity test to determine whether Apple or Qualcomm is the father

Dude shows me a coffee mug that you connect to over Bluetooth. It has upgradable firmware, but will only accept signed images.

This coffee mug is more secure than my first 4 Android phones.

ABI stands for Application Brogramming Interface don't toot@me

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I feel really bad for all the moms and dads who are about to drop $800 on a 2080 so Junior can play Fortnite on a 1080p 60hz display.

On Wi-Fi.

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