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if you tell people your social security number they might be able to guess your astrology sign.. that’s why i recommend you don’t do it

Dear paid software vendors: Eugen can do it in under 15 seconds. 72 hours for a basic question is horseshit.

A friend's silly domain autorenewed. Since he was already out the cash, he wanted to do something with it

Threw Mastodon on it

1) Mastodon setup is relatively straight forward BUT, anyone using a WAF could get caught up by HSTS

2) For some reason, it keeps caching an error for every "first load" of a page. Force-refreshing a few times gets the expected page

3) There's really no getting around having an SMTP server. But signing up for SendGrid and configuring Mastodon to use it took 3 minutes

So, this looks like one of the first steps towards "Encrypted Facebook"... You can add a PGP public key in your profile. After doing so, you can ask that Facebook encrypts all email sent to you ***including password reset emails***

Gave them the public key for the relevant ProtonMail address, and there was no extra work.

If they're going to build end-to-end encrypted services on top of PGP, this could be super interesting.

Man, imagine being the guy who has to tell Zucc that his #3-in-the-world website is being DDoS'd, successfully

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Hey, Daylight Saving Time starts this weekend in the US. Time for hot takes!

I'll start:

"No, setting us to DST all year 'round won't fix your inability to get to bed at a reasonable time."

If you search for "docusign legally binding", the Assistant answer, the top three web results, and the top three video results are all *from* DocuSign.

The fourth web result is a story about a bankruptcy attorney that was sanctioned for exclusively using DocuSign, with no live signature on paper to go with it.

New hobby: Backporting fixes from 5.x kernels to 4.20

To learn more about kernel development, but also to realize the dream of kernel 4.20.69

If someone wanted to build an ass wiping robot, the Internet has lots and lots of visual training data to give it.


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The HTC 5G Home Hub. With Android

Because I've always wanted a device sitting on the network edge, with a camera, a room microphone, a prominent place in my home, and no security updates after 6-18 months.

Tired: Cable news to keep up with world events

Wired: Cable news as a soap opera before your favorite streamer goes live

If you give an Eevee about a billion dollars in defense money, it evolves into Raytheon.

Matrix is ass, and a privacy disaster, but expressing key fingerprints as 7 emoji is absolutely brilliant.

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ha, love this. Riot.im's new device verification flow involves keys represented by series of emoji (it used to be 45 characters)

Riot.im has also just reached version 1.0

More here: medium.com/@RiotChat/the-big-1

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By putting some dude's RGB mousepad on a smart switch, I believe I have created the first IoT mousepad.

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