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More to the point, if someone needs to be pre-emptively shielded from all negativity, they may wish to put the computer away.

Nick Jr., Noggin, and Sprout are still broadcasting for their convenience.

Good news: Nevada ditched The Caucus App that (allegedly) put results in the app developer's Google Drive

Bad news: Nevada's planning on using, I shit you not, a Google Form

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@p @Lumeinshin @awl @theblessing Watching those congressional hearings on shit like encryption is fucking horrifying.

Those idiots have zero clue what they're doing, man.

I wonder how many millions of girls were inspired to go into infosec or similar disciplines because of Acid Burn and Trinity

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Just don't have that much of weaponiced Tech around my business


How would you prevent an Edward Snowden-style data breach in your organization if you were the Cybersecurity Director?


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Please link me to the phattest, PleromaFE killingest, memory allocatingest hellthread you know about.

fediEngine is currently pulling down 100+ reply threads in under a second.

Just by the way, nothing will get voter turnout quite like ads saying "So-and-so is trying to take your $popularApp"

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How to become a specialist in tech jobs:

you have to do something with a tool you don’t know
You hate it instantly
Turns out this tool is driving you mad
You spend 2 weeks fixing this particular tool and learning trough pain
You finally made it work
Congrats, now you are a specialist on something you hate.

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the intel vs amd vuln count is not just cause people only look at intel chips, it's because AMD's architectures always check the accessibility of data *before* emitting speculative loads, and intel's always check at instruction retire - which is too late.
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any agencies that want a backdoor into my software will first need to give a backdoor into their stuff. it's only fair.
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>work says they found linux consultant
>ask me to talk with him to check if he's familiar with the stuff we use
>because they dunno linux
>talk to him
>he doesn't know what ssh is
>"y-you know, logging in to linux servers?"
>"OH! you mean putty?"

thank fucking god they asked me before hiring him

If he pulls this off correctly, we may eventually have a half-decent decentralized Discord-shaped object

The perfect gift for that someone whose password reset answers you just can't guess.

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Client it is. Triggering people who get triggered by their public posts being public will come another day.

Client will be:
1) PyQt5. Cross platform. No Electron.
2) tabbed, QTreeView. Very high density. Should be unique. Meant for power users.
3) multiple accounts, of course!
4) Open a unified timeline, individual timelines, instances' public timelines, in tabs
5) Tor support, per-account
6) User agent can be changed, so nobody can punish you for using r000t's software
7) Requests?

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PSA: Windows 7 end of support means: Scavenge all the 'old' computers! It be raining computing devices (prolly also a lot of data because newbs) which can be transformed with a single USB to a fully fledged linux workstation! i3-i5 intels for the grabs, if you're lucky i7!
Think: Companies, Libraries, Schools and Most of all Government institutes (they prolly be dumping their XP boxes and having a hard day finding out that their new integrated systems now function on 7 and need 5 years + millions to get to run on 10)

Free!!!! OEH! and if you're really lucky, they be thinking that they need new monitors too, because of win10 :blobcatgooglytrash:

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