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More to the point, if someone needs to be pre-emptively shielded from all negativity, they may wish to put the computer away.

Nick Jr., Noggin, and Sprout are still broadcasting for their convenience.

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BBS with TOR addresses.

This is one way the future gets restored properly.

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Attacks from someone else's USB cable is outside the threat model of ordinary smartphone users.

If someone can pop your phone through the USB port, they can pop way more interesting people's phones through the USB port.

This is FUD. Let's help people avoid more realistic attacks, like phishing.

Any existing advice from migrating a Gentoo installation from Intel to AMD (or vice versa) involves the old system being available. A luxury I don't have in this case.

Pulling this off might just cure my impostor syndrome.

Face unlock has been on Android for years... My GS3 had it. But it's news to include it now because Apple did it.

2009: Hey wiretap, turn on the lights.... HEY WIRETAP..... Turn on the lights... No, I don't want information on flights... Hey wiretap, turn. On. The. Living. Room. Lights.

1999: *clap* *clap*'s downtime brought to you by, GIGABYTE.

GIGABYTE: Insist on ULTRA DURABLE, which seems to mean "Fails one month out of warranty"

Also fun: It's literally going to be cheaper to get an AM4 board and a Ryzen 5 than to get a new X99 mainboard.

Hot Take: Nobody can use the new Intel side channel attack to watch you enter an SSH password if you use SSH keys.

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The Driver's Privacy Protection Act prevents the DMV from selling your info.

Just kidding! It allows it, and DMVs are selling your info for millions.

I think the real story here is that a city government has enough technical capability to actually keep backups.

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Buddhist email server that gets rid of all attachments

"its kewl I can handle communal laundry facilities"

NO YOU CANNOT. Don't fall for the meme.

Imagine $1.50 to wash, you gotta wash twice to get all the soap out, $1.50 to dry, and you gotta dry twice to get all the water out, because the spin cycle on the washer you paid twice for still leaves everything sopping wet.

Also, I just learned this last week, but detergent doesn't sanitize. I'm guessing the high dryer heat does, but yeah.

BREAKING: I'm obligated to CW and explain my jokes to fragile people absolutely desperate to be offended, and obligated to "be nice" when they come out of the gate swinging over a joke they didn't get. More at 11.

Guys, just let it go. You played yourself. Move on, lmao.

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PROTIP: If you do not want an archive of the fediverse to include your public content, that you posted publicly, to the public timelines, for public consumption, here's a #lifehack to shut that down for *good*:

Use any of the other three options you see here. Easy peasy!

So get this, here's an entire thread of people who saw my "disable the block layer" toot, and proceeded to display to the whole world that the joke went over their heads.

My sides are in orbit.

So for those among us who are not only stupid, but so hasty that they won't even do the most basic research to make sure they aren't about to go off half-cocked on a subject they know literally nothing about (lol),

The joke is that, if you disable the block layer in an attempt to bypass a block on social media, all you'll do is disable the Kernel's ability to use storage.

*drops mic*

Some people just can't help but make asses of themselves.

Earlier, I posted a joke about disabling the block layer in the Linux kernel, to bypass blocks on social media. Anybody familiar with Linux would know, the block layer is the part of the kernel that handles block devices, mainly storage, and some USB peripherals, like webcams.

The joke went over this poor mentally ill fellow's head, they screeched about it, then blocked me.

I hope she gets help soon.

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Wasn't bitcoin supposed to be about $500k by now? How am I going to retire like this?!?!

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