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More to the point, if someone needs to be pre-emptively shielded from all negativity, they may wish to put the computer away.

Nick Jr., Noggin, and Sprout are still broadcasting for their convenience.

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"I reverse engineered McDonald's internal ordering API and I'm currently placing an order for a McSundae every minute at every McDonald's location in the US to figure out which ones have a broken ice cream machine."


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Donald Trump’s Twitter password is “maga2020!”, and there’s no 2FA, claims hacker.

You don't need an IQ of 197 to know that's pretty dumb...

Welcome to Thingiverse!

Which of these 500,000 different SD card holders would you like to print?

"But how do I pick a passphrase?"

movie quote.

seriously, take a short movie quote. Include punctuation. maybe spell a word wrong on purpose. or change a character's name. spectacularly easy for you to remember, it'll never get bruted.

and if you need to write it down, you can write it down in a birthday card. now it looks like some shitty in-joke and not a passphrase.

Any friend/colleague who hands me their resume has been.... like really bad at resumes. I think everyone's just bad at resumes. Landscape (wtf?) layout, leaving half a page empty, using colors of any kind (outside of a design role), and using more than a single page early in a career.

For each person's resume I redid, all using my template, they got the callbacks that eventually became their jobs within two weeks.

Biggest single thing you can do: SHORTEN THAT SUCKER.

Outlook RCE bug is much more serious, but the bug you have to be on the same physical network to exploit got a name, so it's the one people (read: media and managers) think is serious.

US joins six countries in new call for backdoor encryption access.

And they will get it over my cold, dead, body. What did that senator say.... "Send bachelors and come heavily armed"?

If yall want my crypto, send bachelors and come heavily armed.

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Since its creation, the fediverse has enjoyed a 100% uptime, suffering zero global outages and sporting zero nines of reliability.

Buy TWTR. They have two nines of reliability. Sometimes.

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Public wifi that blocks VPN access. But you slip in on TCP 80 ​:blobblocraccoon:

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"I don't know what to write for comments. The code is so self-explanatory. It's self-documenting!"

Bullshit, fuck you. Write the comment before writing the code.

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