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I don't believe that bad people make up a meaningful percentage of humanity. I do believe that there are truly people who by some mechanism of faulty wiring, upbringing, and emotional trauma do commit unspeakable acts. However, I think that a large amount of people are mesmerized by a minority who feel so disaffected by society, or driven by greed, that they allow themselves to feel that unacceptable behavior is the new norm. There's always an excuse, but there's always a choice as well.

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weird how the biggest fish think the world's entirely fair

the smaller fish think the world is sometimes fair

and the smallest fish know that the world's a brutally unfair place

yet all the biggest fish keep encouraging the small fish, some out of sheer naivete, some out of predatory instinct because they know small fish trying to be big fish will be easy targets

weird right

if you say it fast enough it sounds like info-sex-change

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