I am working on starting a monthly infosec meetup in my community. Looking for suggestions and tips. Anyone?

@pc630d3 my recommendation is to keep the meetup structured, with an agenda. Ask for volunteers to give a presentation. Try not to let sales people be the only ones who step up to talk.

I’ve been thinking about, but never did anything with. An idea for a meetup to have a group viewing of various YouTube conference presentations on a particular topic. I don’t know if that would go over well, but it would help with the issue of finding presenters.

@jerry @pc630d3 This is what I was going to say, back when I was involved with the best meetings (with the best attendance) were the ones with a previously announced speaker/agenda.

@jerry Thanks. I forget about youtube. My fear is that Western Wisconsin being sort of a technology desert and not wanting to burn out the speaker(s) I would need to pull speakers from the bigger cities around the area.(At my expense) Youtube and a discussion could serve just as well.

@pc630d3 @jerry I think an AMA style for everyone in the community would be good too. So everyone gets a chance to beef up their speaking skills

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