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I have a love/hate relationship with Firefox's new TRR (trusted resolver) feature that does it's own DNS. (Link here:

At home, on my WiFi, I've got awesome control and I really DON'T want Firefox to subvert it. Everywhere else, I love the TRR feature.

Sadly, the folks at Nextcloud don’t understand that owning your data and owning your infrastructure are not the same thing. I love the software and have done for a long time. But they consistently contend (needlessly) that you don’t own your data unless you own the hardware storing it. That’s patently absurd and silly.

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I recommend iRedMail to people who want to self-host their email. It handles lots and lots of stuff. DKIM, mailing lists, database-backed addresses and domains, etc. But don’t kid yourself. It’s hard. So many things to manage:
• spam filtering
• email scanning/virus scanning
• a database server
• inbox protocols (e.g. imap and exchange)
• web mail (with a web server)
• TLS (maintaining the certificate and integrating it with all the various services)
• OS-level maintenance/backup, etc.


Rick Factor Authentication
Something that will never give you up
Something that will never let you down
Something that will never run around & desert you
Something that will never make you cry
Something that will never say goodbye
Something that will never tell a lie and hurt you


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We might help these refugees feel more welcome by leveraging the psychology. Comment, boost their stuff for a few weeks, so that the dopamine levels don't drop as low. After a while, ease off and condition them to the calmer way of Mastodon/Pleroma.

This way, their brain might tell them "This is more fun than XYZ" and start recommending!

I disable location services most of the time and disable background app execution all the time. Is it any wonder why?

Someone actually modified our internal ticketing system to offer the option of seeing random cats or dogs instead of staff members' employee photos. It's awesome.

Oh, man. The 2000s called and they want their integer overflow bugs back.

"unprivileged users with UID > INT_MAX can successfully execute any systemctl command"

When—in 2018—I find a CV written in , I think "here's a geek." Only a PhD considers doing a commercial CV in LaTeX.

I have to admit, once I got and running in my account, I just had to Log All The Things. Got some great ability to analyse out of it.

I’ll be honest: the value prop on CloudWatch is really poor. I was spending more per day on it that to run just an ELK instance sufficient to my needs. But I can also see the slippery slope. Once you get a bit of facility with Kibana you want to Log All The Things! And that gets expensive

Despite my router being annoying, I managed to get running on in looking at my on-prem network.

I love my miktotik router for the capabilities it has at its price point. But it’s doing something annoying that is driving me crazy.

If you’re in in , I hope the monthly meet up is in your diary. Definitely worth it when I can make it.

When I read a report like this on the deceptive design practices, the constant nagging for location access, etc. I sorta shrug. It's obvious to me. But then I have to ask WHY do we allow this? We, who know better, don't advocate on behalf of those who don't know better. How do we fight this business model? How do we fight and prevent this being the norm?

@feld If you're interested in virtualisation and side-channel attacks and all, you're probably interested in Firecracker too. Just announced yesterday:

For those of you interested in , you no longer need to go to the FUD and magic 1U box shows on the US West Coast. has announced its own security conference "Re:Inforce". First one will be in the end of June 2019 in Boston.

If you find an absolutist who thinks dogmatic things, point them to this twitter exchange between a math prof talking about abstract cylinders in calculus, and a cat food company who has to manufacture cans of cat food and sell them

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"Infosec/IT Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2018"
Thanks to

Are there any other deals people shouldn't miss?

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