@jerry @nbering Vodafone UK is pretty explicit about selling your call metadata as “analytics” en masse. Most people don’t know it happens. You have to manually opt out. vodafone.co.uk/privacy/vodafon

@og Yep. The problem is that, between English speakers, that name doesn’t survive the digital to analog conversion. I read the digital. I say the analog verbal sound that corresponds to that name. The analog sound goes into the ears of the receptionist, and they will fail to convert it back to digital by typing the right keys. In Croatia that might work. In Texas, not as likely. :)

I'm traveling for work next week to a customer office I've never been to. A guy named Stephen sent me this note about my arrival:

“Check in at reception and ask for Hrvoje or myself”.

I’ll probably be asking for Stephen. 😀

You know what I get from European companies that I NEVER get from American companies? Unsolicited email telling me that, since I haven’t done business with them in a while, they’re going to drop me from their mailing lists unless I ask to remain. did a lot of good.

@lowk3y My boss once posted that he was hiring "security people" (meaning, more or less, ) and he got a private message from someone who helps contract out former paratroopers and seal team members.

@tbr @jerry @lowk3y If it's "full spectrum" then why are they all blue!? I need to turn in my card. I don't understand how this works any more.

@ottaross I didn't realise he stopped. I assumed he just moved to writing the front page of the NYT... :)

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and because not everyone knows all the history, its not like there weren't people trying to help make this work out right over time.

see, from just the last year, this example that was made public


it wasn't all enablement.

So these guys at Greenbone found millions of medical images freely available online. Sounds like they were super careful not to do dubious things (e.g., download images and test uploads). Sounds like DICOM (which I knew as an image format, never as a network protocol) is one of these legacy things that falls over as soon as someone actually looks at it.


I just got spam at GMail that had "Viagra" in the subject line and actually had an attachment that was named like Viagra&Cialis.html. It was in my spam folder, but I'm suprised it arrived at all.

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@efi Your scientists were so busy seeing if they could, they didn’t stop to ask if they should!

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a fun thing to do when someone corrects you is to say "ugh; you're such a pendant"

then watch as they struggle and ultimately fail to resist the urge to say "I think you meant pedant?" then you say "SEE WHAT I MEAN"

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@billstclair I get it, but everyone seems to think that I'm getting a strong lock to prevent the house being burgled. That isn't what I think a good lock does. I'm still interested in having a good lock.

Ok folks, help me out. I’m moving to a new house in the US. I will be replacing the ordinary household deadbolts with a lock that hopefully doesn’t show up in the “easy” pile at your local village. What brands/models should I look at for a normal US front door?

@igeljaeger @igeljaeger @Main_Tomato @quad The whole point of the fediverse (in my opinion) is “my instance, my rules” (corollary: my app, my rules). The fediverse doesn’t mean everyone plays by the same rules. People who want to block gab preemptively are as legit on the fediverse as those who block nobody and those who only block for reasons X, Y, or Z. People should use instances whose rules they align with. Simple as that.

This is a beautiful and diabolical collection of dark patterns and broken user interface elements. It’s awe inspiring in its awfulness. userinyerface.com/index.html

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