@kusuriya Sysadmin has got to be one of the top 3 most common paths into infosec. I know tons of people who got started that way. It's good to help people get into the field. It's just not an unusual path.

I know I’m a bit of a crank, but this kind of article is just so clueless. itsecurityguru.org/2022/09/01/

Consider this stupid quote under “benefits”: “Any data stored on the Blockchain cannot be altered or deleted; “ Not exactly an unalloyed good. What if you irreversibly lock away $661K forever?


I’m giving a 2-hour workshop in at September 15-16. It’s called “Build Your Own Scanner”. We will start from a basic bash or python script and build out ways to detect security misconfigurations in AWS.


@varx one of the REMAINING stupidest possible things they could do. They already ticked the box next to “sell to an anti-open-source behemoth”

This is why I use as my browser on my . 3 images of the same web site. First, safari with no ad blocking or anything. The ads are so big and thick I can’t see one word of content. Next, Safari with “Better” a paid content blocker from aral@mastodon.ar.al. Finally Ghostery, which is usable. Life is better without ads. It’s important to do both: Ghostery and Better, because Better blocks content in web browser contexts like embedded browsers in apps. Ghostery doesn’t.

I love , I really do. But this blog post (aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/how-w) has a pretty embarrassing detail. They tested for "seven months" only they didn't notice that the files were written in upper case and the software was looking for lower case. Kinda makes you ask what testing they were doing for 7 months...

@jalefkowit Another amazing 2022 home ownership benefit is how much you can learn to do yourself watching YouTube videos and reading how-tos on the internet. So far I’ve replaced a bathroom sink drain, installed a dishwasher, and changed lightbulbs in my swimming pool. All things I might have hired someone to do in the past.

On my flight I have a middle seat.They’re doing the safety demonstration and, as instructed, the guy next to me reads the safety card from the seat back pocket. He is not wearing a mask. management 🤦🏻

I’m off to in if anyone wants to meet up and talk in meat space.

I just paid $149 to renew my onlyoffice home server license. Because it's a "lifetime" license, you only have to renew/pay again if you want to get a newer version. It's worth it to me because I actually use the features with my family. My son and I are collaborating on a book via onlyoffice docs, and I have long run Christmas via a shared spreadsheet. (yes, I'm a geek)


I don't get it. You buy an eSIM using an App and you think there's some anonymity in there? That App has no idea who you are? It lives on your phone. How are you paying for something -using an app- and maintaining any kind of anonymity? Credit cards? ApplePay/GooglePay/etc.? None of those payment systems have anything CLOSE to anonymity. There is no anonymity if you pay with an App on your phone.

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