I've used Confluence and various wikis for documentation. Lately I'm really enjoying using github markdown with gitlab and running a local gollum server on my laptop. Clicking 'save' commits the page to the local repo with my comment as the commit message. Then when I'm online, I can pull and push. It lets me edit wikis offline, which is a big win in my book.

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The Matrix, 1999: Morpheus inserts a giant TRRS plug into Neo's head

The Matrix, 2019: Morpheus tries for 20 minutes to pair a Bluetooth neural interface to Neo's head before finally giving up

@mwlucas I heard an NPR commentator talking about a European law that had recently been enacted. They said “it was enacted with German flair and Italian efficiency”. This statement of SNMP and PKI reminds me of that.

@fallenhitokiri For me it's like 2 games in one. I played story mode exclusively for about a year. Finally started in RDOnline and it's a whole different game.

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My neighbours have both a ring doorbell and some kind of security/surveillance camera that monitors their entrance/foyer. It makes me not want to go to their house.

Holy crap super useful: I have just discovered that on is really broken from High Sierra on. It consumes a crap ton of disk with "local snapshots". You can use 'tmutil thinlocalsnapshots' to free up that space. People online are reporting tens and hundreds of gigs of disk space freed up. (apple.stackexchange.com/questi)

@r000t generally speaking, sound advice. But in this case the one I’m crimping has been pulled neatly through the wall to an outlet. The store bought cable is going out the window down the side of the house. So there’s an aesthetic incentive to crimp it right. :)

@jpmens If you use a CDN like CloudFront, with Route53 for DNS, it doesn't look like you can control the TTL. The Route53 DNS zones will use a 60 second :blobfearful: TTL, and there's no configuration change that I can find. :(

How crap are my RJ45 crimping skills? Here's speedtest.net with a store-bought cable, and with a paco-made cable. The better results are on the store-bought cable.

@stevelord thanks. The main weird thing I want is dynamic dns and VPN

I bought an OpenWRT-compatible router and put OpenWRT on it. Anybody have preferences/opinions about OpenWRT versus Tomato versus DD-WRT?

I swear I am not making this up. I just got a error message from an internal application that said "package names are case insensitive and must start with a capital letter."

@jerry @nbering Vodafone UK is pretty explicit about selling your call metadata as “analytics” en masse. Most people don’t know it happens. You have to manually opt out. vodafone.co.uk/privacy/vodafon

@og Yep. The problem is that, between English speakers, that name doesn’t survive the digital to analog conversion. I read the digital. I say the analog verbal sound that corresponds to that name. The analog sound goes into the ears of the receptionist, and they will fail to convert it back to digital by typing the right keys. In Croatia that might work. In Texas, not as likely. :)

I'm traveling for work next week to a customer office I've never been to. A guy named Stephen sent me this note about my arrival:

“Check in at reception and ask for Hrvoje or myself”.

I’ll probably be asking for Stephen. 😀

You know what I get from European companies that I NEVER get from American companies? Unsolicited email telling me that, since I haven’t done business with them in a while, they’re going to drop me from their mailing lists unless I ask to remain. did a lot of good.

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