I passed my AWS Architect Pro today. By far the hardest professional cert I've done. To be fair, I haven't done the certs I would consider similar (e.g., CCIE), so I don't have much basis for comparison. But it's no joke.

@angristan What's up? I have some free hosting options, what's the need?

@hirojin @kyle maybe I am too oblique. People are territorial about the internet. They want their internet to run the way their laws run. The laws on one side of a line in the dirt (or ocean) are one thing. Law on the other side of the line is another. The dirt under your hard drives determines what law applies. Nobody trusts the people who live on the other dirt. They only trust the people on their own dirt.

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Is it really better that FB has three incompatible msging apps they now have to wrangle into one new proprietary protocol? In the 20 year fight to own the market, all we have to show for it are mountains of abandoned proprietary code, dead networks, wasted efforts.

@xerz something isn’t quite right. Not sure I can follow you.

@hirojin @kyle Sure. But the trust doesn't come from the dirt their data centres are built on. Trust comes from evidence.

@amolith @kyle @caltlgin There's a second side to this: how many gov't agencies or civic organisations use Google captcha? To do business with my local town, city, or national agency I have to accept Google's terms and conditions as well as their tracking of my online interactions. It's one thing when people are choosing Google. It's another when people are forced to do business with Google (or Facebook for that matter).

@hirojin @kyle What do you mean? Nextcloud is primarily based in Germany. All major commercial clouds have major presence in Europe. Framasoft is based in France. What "cloud things" are missing in Europe?

@espectalll i can probably get you some free hosting. I work with a co-op in northern Virginia. I have a xen box where I could create you some VMs

@espectalll What do you need? Like, you need hosting or something?

Strange event on my house WiFi. A new station joins (associations goes up by 1. Someone opened a macbook air's lid) then all WiFi traffic goes to 0 (sev1 ticket: "daaaaad! The WiFi is broken!") Not sure what the deal is. OpenWRT is usually pretty robust, but this is not the first time I've seen this behaviour, but it's the first time I've captured it in the graph and gotten some data.

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@noelle to which VIRGINIA responded, “what the hell is all of this prose, I’m 8”

@darrenpmeyer no worries. It’s there whenever. If you have friends in the area, it’s kinda open.

@expat I tried to change my address with capital one UK. I logged in on the web site. The web site said “you can’t do that on the web site. Please download our app or call us by phone.” So 1969 tech is fine. 2019 tech is fine. But 1999 tech is no good. Ridiculous.

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What's hot: Online, publicly-accessible, scanned-in library archives.

What's not: Pinhole viewers which wad a really shitty UI/UX between the reader and the actual fucking text.

IA's BookReader is actually one of the best reading software available, online or off. Just fucking _use_ it already.

No, I don't want to be looking at your shitty webpage when I'm trying to read a document I WANT TO READ THE FUCKING DOCUMENT.

@darrenpmeyer The cost is around $100 year membership to Fairfax County public TV station. But the benefit is that you can rack shit that nobody else would touch. Like my HP desktop tower with 8CPUs and 32G of RAM. It’s ghetto. But we’ve got 3 class Cs from the old days and could probably get native IPv6. It’s a bunch of enthusiast geeks in a “co-op”.

@darrenpmeyer Hey. There’s a few of us who live locally. Also there’s tech staff on-site a lot of hours (like 8am-10pm). It’s at a TV station. So if it’s super simple like hit the power switch they can do it. If it’s complicated (like boot off USB and recover a disk) they won’t. But some of us geeks might.

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