This is not a joke. This was an actual progress bar on a web site I use. Microsoft has nothing on these folks. :)

If you're in and you're in Europe, the Middle East, or Africa, there's a great award to recognise an outstanding contributor: the ISLA (Information Security Leadership Award). Nominations close in 2 weeks:

I disable location services most of the time and disable background app execution all the time. Is it any wonder why?

Someone actually modified our internal ticketing system to offer the option of seeing random cats or dogs instead of staff members' employee photos. It's awesome.

I have to admit, once I got and running in my account, I just had to Log All The Things. Got some great ability to analyse out of it.

People who don’t embrace the have a tendency to buy excess capacity that they use inefficiently. Like this guy.

logs show the impact on my server of taking the blog off . Most of the network traffic had been blog traffic. But the blog changes so rarely, that's really pointless traffic.

Reading about the alleged hardware supply chain attack. This is a hilarious quote.

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