This is why I use as my browser on my . 3 images of the same web site. First, safari with no ad blocking or anything. The ads are so big and thick I can’t see one word of content. Next, Safari with “Better” a paid content blocker from Finally Ghostery, which is usable. Life is better without ads. It’s important to do both: Ghostery and Better, because Better blocks content in web browser contexts like embedded browsers in apps. Ghostery doesn’t.

@paco @aral that awkward moment when I forgot a guy I know from fedi makes an ad blocker and that I didn’t look for nor noticed it when searching on the App Store :blobcatderpy:

@paco @aral (…ah right, it was retired last year because of… reasons…)

@paco also look at NextDNS and 1Blocker to block unwanted tracking by other iOS apps

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