I have to do a thread on this amazingly terrible web page that is awesome in its terribleness. Let's just start with the title:
"How International Student Pass Business Writing Class."


(URL neutered to avoid giving them clicks).

So it's not clear that the author really WOULD pass a business writing class, with that title. But a quick read gives so much more fun details.


Now, to start with, this has somehow confused "Business Writing" and "International Business" with "Business Class". But not "business class" like a class at a business school, but more like "business class" as a class of service on an airplane. The cover photo depicts a drink served in a fancy airplane.

Of course the broken grammar of the title is a fabulous irony. Supposedly this will tell you how to pass a business writing class, but they themselves can't even write.


The more I read, the more amazing this gets: There are 6 steps to "Write A Business Class Paper"

1. Select a topic.
2. Gather critical information.
3. Create an outline
4. Begin writing.
5. In Step 5, you must submit your business research paper.
6. Check the proof thoroughly before proceeding with Step 6.

Step 6: YOU ARE STEP 6. How does step 6 tell you what to do before step 6? My brain is broken.



Counting is hard.

The "What Are The 3 Types Of Business Writing?" lists 4 types.

Right below it, we have "What Are The 4 Categories Of Business Writing?" which contains the informative answer: "The four basic types of instructional writing are: informational, persuasive, and transactional."

They forgot the 4th type, which is "AI-generated bullshit for SEO".


@paco this gives me some home that it’ll be a while before AI overthrows humanity.

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