So I'm confused. If I login here and type `paco` in the search bar, I see this. Amusingly the top 3 results are, in fact, me. But the problem is one of them ( is an instance I ran briefly in 2017. Later I moved to The second is, which appears to be gone (the domain is for sale). Why do they show up here even now? Is there some maintenance thing @jerry has to do to prune long-dead instances from some list somewhere?

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@paco good question. I am not aware of a batch job. I know there is a way to purge specific instances/domains, but it’s a manual process. Perhaps can help

@jerry @paco It's... tricky.

There's a command to hit up *every* account to make sure it's still valid. Ultimately, all that's going to do is return a bunch of errors for each instance that's down. That command is `tootctl accounts cull`

Once you've identified instances that are gone and aren't coming back, you can purge them individually. `tootctl domains purge <domain>`

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