Anybody I know want to host a box on the internet basically free? I work with an “internet co-op” where we have a ghetto server room, 100M internet connection. A couple of /24s and basically freedom to do an awful lot of whatever you want. It’s totally DIY, though. We just provide power, connectivity, cooling, and pretty minimal security. It’s old school internet. The way it was back in the day. Location is in Fairfax, VA, near DC. PM me if you’re interested.

@paco I might be. Surely there must be some cost, if only to cover bandwidth and power?

@paco I'm interested for certain. But I'm not really near DC, so my first worry is "if I need someone to go kick a box, how does that work?"

@darrenpmeyer Hey. There’s a few of us who live locally. Also there’s tech staff on-site a lot of hours (like 8am-10pm). It’s at a TV station. So if it’s super simple like hit the power switch they can do it. If it’s complicated (like boot off USB and recover a disk) they won’t. But some of us geeks might.

@darrenpmeyer The cost is around $100 year membership to Fairfax County public TV station. But the benefit is that you can rack shit that nobody else would touch. Like my HP desktop tower with 8CPUs and 32G of RAM. It’s ghetto. But we’ve got 3 class Cs from the old days and could probably get native IPv6. It’s a bunch of enthusiast geeks in a “co-op”.

@paco I think I gotta pass on this one for now, sorry. None of my ideas I could practically build on a reasonable time scale seem like they'd actually be a good fit for this. I appreciate the offer though!

@darrenpmeyer no worries. It’s there whenever. If you have friends in the area, it’s kinda open.

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