Ok folks, help me out. I’m moving to a new house in the US. I will be replacing the ordinary household deadbolts with a lock that hopefully doesn’t show up in the “easy” pile at your local village. What brands/models should I look at for a normal US front door?

@paco As long as you can kick the door in, any will do.

Assa abloy for anything else. For the Protec2, it'll be a hefty amount, but no street thief has the tools to pick it in his pocket.

Rare + tight tolerances = good lock

@paco not this one, but the video goes into some good details about what to look for in a deadbolt.


I'd worry about bars on your windows and a strong steel door before picking a security lock. A burglar isn't going to use a lock pick. He'll use a hammer. If that's an option.

@billstclair I get it, but everyone seems to think that I'm getting a strong lock to prevent the house being burgled. That isn't what I think a good lock does. I'm still interested in having a good lock.


I suppose a lock that's hard to pick forces somebody to leave evidence of a break-in for your insurance company. Can't help you with that one. Good luck.

@paco In general you're going to want anything with 5 or more key pins and you want the lock to feature some security driver pins (also called spool pins). You won't usually find a lock matching that description as "easy" in a lock picking village. You can also opt to get one that blocks against bumping. Assa and Abloy have been mentioned but it really depends on how much you want to spend.

@paco Honestly, unless you're looking to spend some money, most Yale, Schlage and Kwikset deadbolts found at hardware stores have been upgraded in recent years to use only security driver pins. I'd go with Yale because the quality is better in my opinion and the key way is smaller and more of a challenge to pick. Schlage would be 2nd and Kwikset last.

@paco As far as what's more easy to find, I'd say anything in the Schlage B60 series. They are supposed to come with 4 spool pins and 1 regular pin standard. Easily found on Amazon

@paco I am going to take some hate for it, but I really like the Schlage keypad deadbolts. I’ve been picking for too long and realize key locks are just an inconvenience to a pro with picks, but an amateur burglar isn’t even going to try. They do through the door, the side lights, a window, etc.

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