I run iRedMail ( as my personal email server (it's really postfix+dovecot+etc) and Nextcloud ( for file, calendar, and contact sharing. You can link the two so they share identities. Taken together, this combo is really solid replacement for the free and surveillance-capitalism-based ecosystem.

@paco Running your own email is fine, but you create a very real reliance on whatever server you're running at home there, and patching the Linux Layer routinely etc.

I came across Protonmail and have used them since yahoo sold out.

@sudocat You're right. But there are trade-offs everywhere. When you use a 3rd party provider, they have a say (by means of their Ts & Cs) in what you can email or not email. I've run my own email server since 1999 or so. I'm comfortable with it. The whole ecosystem is a house of cards, though. It's not for the faint of heart.

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