Sadly, the folks at Nextcloud don’t understand that owning your data and owning your infrastructure are not the same thing. I love the software and have done for a long time. But they consistently contend (needlessly) that you don’t own your data unless you own the hardware storing it. That’s patently absurd and silly.

Totally agree... But that said, it feels nice to have my #nextcloud on my own hardware, in my own laundry room. And it feels even better every time I need another terabyte, to buy it cheap and add it to my own raid. :)


@ohthehugemanatee Funny but I just did the opposite. After Spectre and Meltdown my on-prem hardware was dog slow. Everything is just painful. So I migrated nextcloud to EC2. I still have a Synology on-prem for mass storage that I care about. But I use nextcloud from outside the house as much as inside. So EC2 was a better choice for my use cases.

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