I’ll be honest: the value prop on CloudWatch is really poor. I was spending more per day on it that to run just an ELK instance sufficient to my needs. But I can also see the slippery slope. Once you get a bit of facility with Kibana you want to Log All The Things! And that gets expensive

@paco Isn't the premium value not having to create it all on your own?

@entreprelife Well, sorta. The thing is, time is money. You can spend money to save time, you can spend time to save money. But at some point the value prop isn't good (e.g., how much money you have to spend to save some time) I had been spending $3/day on CloudWatch and getting very little utility. And any additional utility would have been much more money. For the price of a pretty basic instance (m4.large), I've got this:

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