Some people might call this "parody". In my world, it's a bit more like "Tuesday".

I had a non-delivery notification from my personal mail server to It said "your ISP's network is on our block list.' My ISP is AWS and the network is a /14. It's bonkers.

It's like living in a 500-unit apartment complex and a company says "unit 402 didn't pay for their purchases last month, so we're not selling anything to anyone in that complex any more."

Green text, meet red text. Red text, meet green text. Now that you guys are acquainted, would you like to go off, have a little chat, and come back to me with a USEFUL error message?

If you have some spare compute cycles and you want to donate them to fighting , there's a medical research programme called "Folding@Home" which is similar to SETI@Home, but for medical research:

I see a lot of articles say things like "They now run this service in the cloud—which brings its own set of security challenges." I wish they would equivalently write "They run their IT in their own data centres—which brings its own set of security challenges."

DIY infrastructure? Oh that's obviously secure. Professionally-run commercial clouds? Whoa, they're risky.

The physical affects the virtual affects the physical. Performance artist creates virtual traffic jams by pulling a wagon full of second-hand phones all using Google maps app.

Why do people go around insulting everyone? Everyone who uses the cloud "blindly trust the cloud providers"? Nobody is doing due diligence? Nobody has a long list of security risks they track and controls and mitigations, huh? And they want to "disprove the assumption that cloud infrastructures are secure". Because the existence of one bug means what? It's "insecure"? The research is legit, but the preamble is garbage from an out-of-touch techie.

I just had the song “Memories” from “Maroon 5” come up on my play list. Listen to it for about 10 seconds. I can’t believe a modern band can get away with that.

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Tech security reminder: your typewriter ribbon is a keystroke logger.

YouTube’s copyright bots have filed a claim against a video I did in 2017. It asserts that I am infringing on a video copyrighted in 2020. Not really sure how that is possible and why they don’t, instead, think that the newer person is infringing on ME. Pain in the ass. I hate YouTube.

I passed my AWS Architect Pro today. By far the hardest professional cert I've done. To be fair, I haven't done the certs I would consider similar (e.g., CCIE), so I don't have much basis for comparison. But it's no joke.

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Is it really better that FB has three incompatible msging apps they now have to wrangle into one new proprietary protocol? In the 20 year fight to own the market, all we have to show for it are mountains of abandoned proprietary code, dead networks, wasted efforts.

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@xerz something isn’t quite right. Not sure I can follow you.

Strange event on my house WiFi. A new station joins (associations goes up by 1. Someone opened a macbook air's lid) then all WiFi traffic goes to 0 (sev1 ticket: "daaaaad! The WiFi is broken!") Not sure what the deal is. OpenWRT is usually pretty robust, but this is not the first time I've seen this behaviour, but it's the first time I've captured it in the graph and gotten some data.

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@noelle to which VIRGINIA responded, “what the hell is all of this prose, I’m 8”

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