@oxpi @tek I mean, this is good advice because if your kid is using Linux they need to get beaten up for being a nerd

@oxpi this makes me want to us Kali just to create some noise. And Discord, wtf

@oxpi I have never wanted to try Kali Linux more then seeing this poster circulate. I wonder how much this is gonna do to boost all the tools on this list.

@liaizon @oxpi This and I like the answer from Kali Linux on the birdsite. 😎

(The story is funny but I think the poster is probably a Hoax.)

@oxpi I'm stuck on "tell the police if your child uses Discord"

@oxpi It's funny (/s) to see this crop up recently because I just got done re-reading an article about the GURPS Cyberpunk raid

@oxpi it's really long past time an established tech org like the #EFF, Internet Society, or Linux/ Apache/ Mozilla Foundations etc (or a coalition of them) set up a dedicated and well-funded project to educate public officials about digital tech.
@chebra @liaizon

@strypey @oxpi @liaizon public officials are often actively refusing to get educated

@oxpi "discord is a popular communication platform often used to share hacking tips" o rlly??? wow me and my friends have been talking abt how we should vore trump when we could be sharing hacking tips wow

@oxpi call the cops of your kid uses discord

@oxpi English is a language which can be used to provide hacking instructions. If your child shows signs of knowing English, contact us immediately.

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