Great Wall of Lights: China’s sea power on Darwin’s doorstep

"The vigilante patrol was prompted by an international outcry last summer when hundreds of Chinese vessels were discovered fishing for squid near the long-isolated Galapagos Islands, a UNESCO world heritage site that inspired 19th-century naturalist Charles Darwin and is home to some of the world’s most endangered species, from giant tortoises to hammerhead sharks."

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Exodus Privacy is a website that lets you find out how privacy-friendly different Android apps are. You can follow at:

➡️ @exodus

The site is at

The account posts in English and French.

#ExodusPrivacy #Exodus #Privacy #Trackers #Permissions #Android #Google #Apps #App #Smartphones #Français #Francais

The situation in is thoroughly depressing. After 20 years of fighting, training, equipping, and building infrastructure, they mostly just walk away when the Taliban shows up to take control. I hope we'll learn that we can't create the will to fight in others.

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Cool new addition to #firefox that allows you to easily “forget” a website. That would wipe all cookies, local data, cache, and history traces related to your visits to that website.

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Too Much Photo-Taking Can Undermine Memory

"Snapping too many pictures could actually harm the brain's ability to retain memories... So you get the photo but kind of lose the memory.

"It works in one of two ways... We either offload the responsibility of remembering moments when we take pictures of them, or we're so distracted by the process of taking a photo that we miss the moment altogether.

"Take a few good pictures; then put down the phone."

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To give you a idea on why "anonymized" data is bullshit, here's the Vice article on the rise of the de-anonymization industry, where companies buy pseudonymized datasets with mobile advertising IDs and unmask the identities of people in the datasets.

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Does anyone use the Cakewalk digital audio workstation (DAW) to produce electronic dance music (EDM)?

I know Ableton and FL Studio are more popular but they're expensive -- and Cakewalk is free. I just want something full-featured and professional to use while I learn EDM production.

Is Cakewalk a realistic option to produce professional-sounding EDM, and leave room to grow as I learn?

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