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New Windows exploit lets you instantly become admin. Have you patched?

Zerologon lets anyone with a network toehold obtain domain-controller password.


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@orbital I'd work on and complete the many projects that I never completed. ( that list keeps growing by the month now 😞 )


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- Write novels, short-stories and gaming material.

- Northern Italy.

- Because it's what I enjoy doing, but couldn't make a living doing so $50K a year would go a long way in Italy compared to some other locations.

If you could retire in your late 40s with income of $50,000 USD per year for life, what would you do in retirement, where, and why?

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Time for #introductions

Swedish sociologist turned cyberpunk. Work as a CIO at a NGO. I hope that we, the humans, will one day be resilient to disinformation and be capable of knowing when we can (and cannot) make rational, informed decisions.

Other factual snippets about me:
👨‍👦 Father
☕ Quality Coffee connoisseur
🏋️ Gymrat
💭 Philosophical
🐧 FOSS advocate
⚔️ Gamer (4x, boardgames and roguelikes)
⛰️ Nature hiker
🛡️ Infosec sentinel

Found an awesome site for workout routines to do at home: DareBee. The workouts have themes like: martial arts, role playing games, and science fiction. It's all free with no ads, supported by donations. You can filter by fitness level, with or without equipment, or type of exercises desired. Wish I had known about this years ago. Check it out if you need some inspiration to exercise, or you're bored with your routine.

The Creation of Adam reimagined by vladmagz (originally Michelangelo) with Legos

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Google open-sources Tsunami vulnerability scanner | ZDNet

Google says Tsunami is an extensible network scanner for detecting high-severity vulnerabilities with as little false-positives as possible.


Expats buy Japanese country house for a song and get way more than they bargained for


"In a country known for sky-high real estate prices, buying a large country home (or 'kominka') in Japan is still affordable. You can buy a home with a modest lot for as little as $20,000 USD, depending on location. Some towns even maintain lists of free or nearly free houses, in hopes of bringing in new families."

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Scroll down to see a list of popular apps that slurp up the contents of your clipboard without permission (or seemingly any legitimate purpose). From Accuweather to The Wall Street Journal, Fruit Ninja to Hotels.com, and many more.

These are only the most popular ones. It's pretty horrifying.


Russia Secretly Offered Afghan Militants Bounties to Kill U.S. Troops, Intelligence Says


"An operation to incentivize the killing of American and other NATO troops would be a significant and provocative escalation of what American and Afghan officials have said is Russian support for the Taliban, and it would be the first time the Russian spy unit was known to have orchestrated attacks on Western troops."

Patch your Exchange servers; they're under attack


"[T]here were multiple concurrent campaigns behind the surge in Exchange attacks during April, with most employing web shells on internet-facing Exchange servers for initial access. The attackers used multiple web shells, but the most widely used was the China Chopper web shell.... [T]hey added new accounts to high-privilege groups like Administrators, Remote Desktop Users, and Enterprise Admins."

Doomscrolling Is Slowly Eroding Your Mental Health


"Doomscrolling will never actually stop the doom itself. Feeling informed can be a salve, but being overwhelmed by tragedy serves no purpose. The current year is nothing if not a marathon; trying to sprint to the end of one’s feed will only cause burnout and a decline in mental health among the people whose level-headedness is needed most.... Perhaps now just needs to be the End Times for your timeline."

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