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From birdsite 

This is the first time in human history @NASA_Astronauts have entered the @Space_Station from a commercially-made spacecraft. @AstroBehnken and @Astro_Doug have finally arrived to the orbiting laboratory in @SpaceX's Dragon Endeavour spacecraft.

Russian crackers are exploiting bug that gives control of mail servers


"In an advisory published on Thursday, the NSA said that the Sandworm group was actively exploiting a vulnerability in Exim, an open-source mail transfer agent for Unix-based operating systems. Tracked as CVE-2019-10149, the critical bug makes it possible for an unauthenticated remote attacker to send specially crafted emails that execute commands with root privileges."

Germany confronts Russian ambassador over cyberattack


"Germany said Thursday it is seeking EU sanctions against a Russian man over his alleged role in the hacking of the German parliament at a time when evidence shows he was working for Russian intelligence.... [He] was already being sought by U.S. authorities and is believed to be part of the [cracker] group known as APT28, or Fancy Bear."

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SF 10-33

Live fire/police scanner audio from San Francisco processed and mixed with ambient and experimental music.

A surreal audio zeitgeist of the city.


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Hackers infect multiple game developers with advanced malware 


"Based on the people and organizations Winnti targets, researchers have tied the group to the Chinese government. Often, the hackers target Internet services and software and game developers with the objective of using any data stolen to better attack the ultimate targets."

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For our first #surveillancesaturday - This is a screen grab from the Wired.com cookie consent when using a UK VPN.

There are so many partner vendors on the list, that the scrolling seems to go on forever.

Many of the “partners” correlate offline data, link your different devices and more. This is tantamount to real-time corporate surveillance.

Have your own Surveillance Saturday post? Use the hashtag to help others understand how #privacy is lost through constant #surveillance.

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Oh my... former MTV VJ Kurt Loder celebrates his 75th birthday today.

Tell me, exactly how old do you feel right now?!

One country, one system: The week that China shredded its promise on Hong Kong
"With the world distracted ... China has carried out a power grab in the former British colony, whose way of life it had pledged to preserve until 2047. In recent days, authorities have said for the first time that Beijing’s representative offices in the territory can 'supervise' Hong Kong’s internal affairs [which] violates its constitutional firewall with the mainland."

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Chinese Agents Helped Spread Messages That Sowed Panic in U.S.


"The propaganda efforts go beyond text messages and social media posts.... In , top officials have issued directives to agencies to engage in a global campaign.... [Messages] aimed at Europeans that pro-China actors appear to have helped spread ... stress the idea of disunity among European nations during the crisis and praise China’s “donation diplomacy....”

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