Portable NEW burp/zap/seclist/java/certs/firefox/chrome / Jython / JRuby no admin required almost idiot proof ;)

github.com/freeload101/DIGGER Virustotal and CBR ban hash on bad MD5 from Wildfire coming soon? This horrid bash script is mealy a POC to be used with something like Splunk/Python

So powerup (powersploit) in memory with windows 10 ? looks like they fixed reflective PE injecting in windows 10 at least ? reddit.com/r/AskNetsec/comment


@^p^o^w^e^r^shell c:\*\*32\c*?c.e?e
C:\>powershell C:\??*?\*3?\c?lc.?x? calc
C:\>powershell C:\*\*2\n??e*d.* notepad
C:\>powershell C:\*\*2\t?s*r.* taskmgr

My Nephew was ranting about my lack of inventory management and asked this

hole-e-$$@ this is teh most 1337 bat>ps1 script I ever seen!!! patching Chrome DLL's with powershell .. LIKE A BOSS


# nmap vuln scanner
nmap -v -d1 -sV --script-args=unsafe=1 --script-args=unsafe --script "(auth or brute or discovery or exploit or external or fuzzer or intrusive or malware or safe or version or vuln) and not(smb-brute or http-slowloris or http-brute or http-enum or http-form-fuzzer or broadcast-avahi-dos or smb-flood or dns-fuzz or http-form-brute or http-iis-short-name-brute or http-fileupload-exploiter or vnc-brute or http-fileupload-exploiter or dos)" -oA nse_full_try2

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