@olihough86 I worked for a video game retailer for a while when I was 18-ish. So I had strong interest in the research around the supposed connection between video games and violent behaviour.

Interestingly, most published reports I could find at that time listed funding from biased parties like church organization. Those with less biased funding sources were less likely to conclude there was any correlation.

These phones cost $50 in China and are total fakes. But also total fakes preloaded with malware. The iPhone is especially remarkable, just from the highly modified version of Android it's running. Credit to Afilias for showing these off.

I'm in the mood for busting open some AgentTesla C2 mailboxes :D

I've disconnected my Mastodon and Twitter so they no longer cross post, might be a bit less from me here but you'll not get the Twitter garbage.

We are crusing at 35,000 feet, seats are falling apart but chill it's fine

EasyJet dude getting loads of hate now for his seat tweet.

It's umm 2019 how shitty do your planes need to get?

I was raised by the Internet and video games and I've still not done a murder

If you see me in Vegas than I've been cloned, send help

Galaxy Brain: Fortnite skins as rewards for reporting phishing pages, you'll get an army of kids reporting all day and night

You see attackers do this because of one thing "PROFIT"

Reporting via your abuse team I'm expected to be happy with just being a nice guy.

Give me a reason to report abuse, gamify it.

if cloud platforms (looking at you @Azure@twitter.com @googlecloud@twitter.com @awscloud@twitter.com )

gave discounts / freebies based on how much phishing / malware I reported on their networks I'd be up for it

btw, some ultra violent subset of grindcore is not metal

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