It's funny that me 1 person, sitting on the loo can find these accounts with 0 effort, but your entire trust & safety team can't.

Since January 27th this account has been dumping credentials on Twitter. hunny please this is getting embarrassing

Opened Twitter, read a couple of tweets...

Maybe I'll come back next week back to happy Eve world.

Turns out I don't react well to mosquitos biting my face, can't really see much through one eye right now

Keeping your 0365 audit logs in a nice easy to search ElasticSearch Instance = Good!

Leaving that instance wide open so everyone can read those logs = Bad!

This hangover might be terminal. My only last wish is that you delete my internet history.

"I'm not wearing sunglasses to be cool, but it is kinda cool"

Love it, another really entertaining video from

Returning players with a subscription and at least 5 Million skill points, our corp is recruiting at the moment.

null sec / industrial / access to tons of stuff and ability to make that dank isk.

I haven't seen a goatse of the new black hole pic, pretty disappointed internet.

The difference between me and you is I use Twitter as an outlet to dump my thoughts, I could loose all my followers tomorrow and not care, I'd still post the same shit

For you it's a popularity contest.

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