‪When you forget to comment out stuff, but code is already in production ‬

Disposable Windows FlareVM for malware analysis on top of Qubes, with inter VM file transfer to move samples in for analysis, and clipboard working for quick moving of data/hashes. Basically an isolated analysis workstation in a box

All running on a Ryzen 5, 8GB, 128GB SSD rather well.

Technician loading a pistol and stepping back into the data center...

Hypervisor's haunted.

Once of the best things about working from home is no one makes fun of your half naked animie girl wallpapers

obtaining a Win 7 iso and key should not be this hard

The lower population of pretty much everything in the fediverse appeals to me more these days, no urge to keep checking my feed, feels a lot more chill

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I wonder if I can actually get to the 30 day limit were BirdSite will kill my data, erasing a few years of building a following (just over 5K legit active followers, embeded in news sites, blogs etc) just cause I enjoy burning things down on a whim.

I do feel like I was totally addicted to BirdSite which so odd cause half of the infosec people on their are walking Dunning-Kruger cretins. You say you wont get hooked, but you do, the instant satisfaction of likes and rewteets is like crack.

After threatening me with legal action, Keepnet Labs finally issues statement over data breach - ████ me, could they have taken any longer?


the real question is... do you trust her enough to let her see your federated timeline?

my thoughts here are I spend a lot of time switching VMs, I have one for static analysis which has some licensed software, a disposable for detonation, another with web tools that require logging in which I don't want malware binaries on. I'm thinking Qubes can organise this far better while still keeping everything split

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Going to experiment with Qubes OS as malware analysis lab today, got a spare bare metal box...

is it time for my yearly switch to Mastodon... I think so

when you're considering a 3rd 32inch screen for you desk you know you have a problem

If you want a free (up to $50) of XLM

then the first 4 to sign up should get it


Lol accidentally port scanned Russia (all of it) from the wrong shell and my hosting provider is mad at me 😂

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