Removed the old test_plz_ignore Keybase team due to inactivity, all the phishkits have been saved and I'll make them public soon

I should check my Mastodon more often, sorry Fediverse fam.

Tills at a supermarket went offline for less than a day and everyone is loosing their shit.

u ok America hun?

Imagine living in a world where you are contractually obliged to note that you're opinions are your own in your Twitter bio

oh ... wait

Minimal Linux VM
A whole bunch of Agent Telsa samples

Have fun

it's pretty pointless trying to be Internet good guy and notify everyone, but watching it spread through their office is rather interesting. I can only imagine, it "hey does this file open on your computer? , it's not working"

small US company, I noticed an infection yesterday, they only have like 4 employees, now a second one has popped up, that's 50% of their staff infected now.

Love this new marketing tactic of infosec conferences inviting politicians to speak, everyone gets mad, conference gets free airtime, axe politician to look like the good guy again, resume counting ticket sales.

Anyone out there have the a2019 "AMADEY" panel source?

C2 is now receiving a stready stream of screenshots, she does all the invoicing etc by the looks of things.

Doubt this is going to end well for them.

To the wide eyed sweet summer children that voted option 1 "thanks", I'll tell you a secret, that has never happened to me, from an infection notification.

Just contacted a UK company to tell them they have a RAT on one of their computers.

How will they react?

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