when you're considering a 3rd 32inch screen for you desk you know you have a problem

If you want a free (up to $50) of XLM

then the first 4 to sign up should get it


Lol accidentally port scanned Russia (all of it) from the wrong shell and my hosting provider is mad at me 😂

Someone gave me their old phone that was about to go in the trash, fixed it, rooted it, added Frida and burp SSL cert, hooked it up to my little ultrabook and now we have a mobile Android hacking battle station :ablobcool:

I'm still using LastPass it's fine, don't be morons.

Same open redirect on t.mid.accor-mail.com (Accor Hotel Group)

Nice Adobe open redirect actively being used in phishing campaigns right now.

check your logs for reqs to t-info.mail.adobe.com

Will attempt to report to Adobe but apparently open redirects are out of scope.

Ah I get it, pfsense to s shipping with a lower version cause why not....

Trying to get Tor to run on the latest pfsense and getting this error when starting Tor

Shared object "libevent-2.1.so.7" not found, required by "tor"

# pkg info | grep libevent

so it's installed, any ideas? (pfsense is based on freebsd 11.2)

Birdsite Recovery: Day 2

Not seen a single bit of dumb infosec drama, did see quite a lot of interesting articles.

So nice of Xiaomi to force you to wait 7 days before you can unlock the bootloader on your own phone 😆

Looks like it might be the ONLY one in game 1/1 winrar!

If like me you also want to develop a CryptoKitties addiction, HMU and you can have this one for $2 it doesn't match the collection I'm building.


I thought this was spam but this message is not dangerous looks safe ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Birdsite Recovery: Day 1

Opened up my social media to do my usual morning check on what's been going on in America land while I've been sleeping, lack of birdsite means I'm not flooded with self important strangers giving "life advice"

Watching the credit card details of victims rolling in by the minute on a phish I've just popped open, not a pretty sight

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