Mozilla has a mission that attracts people truly committed to the vision of the world that it describes.

Which makes things like layoffs so painful and personal.

❤️ to all the folks having a bad day.
Sad for all affected by the layoffs at Mozilla this morning.

Another crazy "increased vigilance" recommendation from a vendor: "Set policies to alert on new hosts joining the network. To reduce the possibility of ‘rogue’ devices on your network, increase visibility and have key security personnel notified when new hosts attempt to join the network." :blobshock:

What Linux distro is everyone running on their Chromebooks nowadays?

Looks like drama on the infosec birdsite again :/

I can't believe how much easier it was to get verified on Mastodon over Twitter.

First stab at the @MITREattack layer showing combined techniques used by activity groups targeting the financial sector:

Updated my combined @MITREattack layer for groups targeting Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries, including the custom Grim Spider layer:

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