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If you're leveraging in your organizations security program, Please don't just use it from "release day" going forward. Search your SIEMs history as well. Sometimes observable decay is too fast for today -> forward, but history may have good stuff!

I met a guy this weekend who used - made some pretty outrageous claims about the product. Has anyone done an assessment on them?

Spent the weekend in for a friends birthday. I can confirm that the smell is not just the attendees. It really stinks! 🤢

For travelers using Delta: Signal works over the free in-flight texting!

Hotel sewing kits are life savers. Just sayin.

Anyone who just recently joined Mastodon, post up an introduction about who you are, what you do, and what you like to talk about!

Hashtag it or ! We use hashtags a lot to follow ideas across multiple instances!

Check those Introduction hashtags to meet more new folks.

Here are two of my favorite hashtags:

Other folks might have other suggestions!

I don't understand people who think that self-improving artificial intelligence will solve all of humanity's problems. We've already got self-improving natural intelligence and all it does is shitpost and be depressed

Here's the obligatory .
-Information technology lawyer (esp cybersecurity and data privacy)
-Husband and dad (both hooman and furry kids)
-Aviation nut and drone law encyclopedia
-Sender of Monday gifs to
Happy tooting.

Happy new year, my friends. I hope 2018 is a good year for all of you.

Evidently I am not the only smart ass... or perhaps they planned on me specifically...

I have been using for while now for visualizations. Switched to pygraphwiz and mindmaps for the last engagement. Any better alternatives? Does not need to do transforms, I will draw the nodes and edges.

FYI If you work in #Security, or you'd like to know more about it, the nice guys at CIRCL ( created an incredibly good Open Source Threat Intelligence Platform called MISP (@MISPProject on blue bird/

Maybe we should tell them to upgrade to #Mastodon for their social networking?
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Happy birthday @jerry
Thanks for running this place!

Person believed to be responsible for the Kansas SWATting incident was arrested. 

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