My London VPN nodes are going really slow. -- Lots of US based traffic I presume.

@leip4Ier Oh heck, I'll take any resource to help me keep my on task. Public or private. :)

@jerry I bet you would get the same if you said woman instead of girl. Best bet would be to use names in all cases :)

I dislike HTML5. Nearly as much as Flash. - That is all.

@zer0k you should give ripgrep a try. The performance improvements are jaw dropping.

@rysiek Okay, truth be told - I didn't realize signal-cli existed until this toot. -You just solved my Slack Notifications problem with DBUS. *THANK YOU*

@rysiek Someone would find a bug in Redhat DHCP or something. ...Oh. :)

@rysiek FWIW (And to build off our last conversation :)) -> I quit using Signal Electron earlier this week. 😂 Its been a painful week for crypto.

@jerry there is no "I sympathize" or "Same boat" button 😨 🚤

@rysiek @jerry @cwcopa if you still work with them and maintain a copy of the message, you are part of the problem. You can’t hide secrets from the future, math and computation will eventually catch up. Now this moves to a data storage issue...

@rysiek @jerry @cwcopa I am okay with disagreeing, but I see secrets as ephemeral, the older they are the less worried I am for myself personally and for most Corp communication (mergers, hr action, etc) we may have two different viewpoints on the world, and that is fine, but I notice you took no issue with my version of the message, so maybe they could have posted that instead?

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