My London VPN nodes are going really slow. -- Lots of US based traffic I presume.

I dislike HTML5. Nearly as much as Flash. - That is all.

Wow, just checked. My last PGP/GPG/SMIME encrypted email was sent in 2016 (I had to actually pull OFFLINE archives.) My last encrypted (non-email) message was sent 4 minutes ago....To my wife. Times have changed. :)

Skimmed through the GPG & S/MIME paper. Some good theory w/decent outlined attack scenarios. Currently involves a lot of work by the attacker, including getting the target to open and decrypt new malicious emails.

Not terribly worried about it. It’s low risk for both my personal and my client’s Threat Scenario. But still cool!

Side issue: I’m going to have to explain this to my C-Lvl... when did I get co-opted by blue team?! This is what I get for pushing purple team all these years.

Its a new week! You have a fresh start at frustrating weak red teams. Disable ICMP globally.

June 13, 1973 

Bitching about ineffective end user training... 

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Bitching about ineffective end user training... 

Actor bin: wmplayer.exe -- When performing least frequency analysis on running processes during an engagement - don't bring previous whitelists. Just do your thing and consider the environment your in.

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