Hey all! I just joined the fediverse and found that it's a nice thing to start with an .

My name is Nico Alt, you might don't know me but if you do, it's most probably due to the stuff I did at and . Currently I'm not active there but instead focus on university/#physics stuff where I contribute my little part to (multi-party time-bin coding, to be more specific). Other interests are and , feel free to talk to me about them!

Thanks to @rysiek for pointing me towards without knowing it. After months of following people through various different browser tabs I figured that it's a good thing to finally open an account on this fediverse thing here.

@rysiek Yeah, just found out how to feature them from my account 🙂

@briar @fdroidorg

@nico welcome , what do think about distributed networks?

@nixfreak Well, they lack some comfort of centralized networks, but I think they are the only way forward. Thanks to cryptography quite some comfort can be restored or even improved, e.g., by using Shamir's Secret Sharing to backup your Briar account across your friends.

I'm not a developer, but I've dabled in many programing languages, and I'm a Systems Engineer, so I tend to have detailed understanding of systems as a whole. I try to stay on top of the latest #quantum  #cryptography tools and news. I've also taken several classes in quantum phyisics, so compared to most I actually get it.

I'm sure you probably keep up with IPFS, but you may not have heard of Peergos. If not, you should check it out. Also check out tribler if you haven't heard if it before now.

@wildeagle5 Nice to meet you!

I also had some basic classes in quantum mechanics, but stuff like 2 photons interferring even if they are at completely different places still blows my mind.

It's called ”Two-Photon-Interference according to “, if you want to look it up. It's quite important in our system, as that ensures that Alice and Bob note the same 0 or 1 bit after the photons passing the interferometers.


So, what do you think our chances are of getting #FOSS, #QuantumComputing proof cryptography that will retain a similar level of protection to what we have today?

I'm quite concerned about what could happen when we get an extremist dictator in power in a major power nation, combined with quantum computing and the masses of encrypted but recorded data being hoovered up in places like Utah / Beijing / Russia.

@Blort Oh, I'm not too much into post-quantum cryptography, so I can't really say how good our chances are there. Still I'm optimistic about it, since it's a topic researched _a lot_ all around the globe. I think we'll be able to play the cat and mouse game for some time and invent new mathematical problems that at least for the time being act as trapdoor function, until we find a proper one. Sure, there's still the problem about recorded encrypted data.

Nice to see you, too, @IzzyOnDroid! It's amazing to see what you're all doing for F-Droid these days!

@IzzyOnDroid That's the most important thing. Thanks for all you do!

a warm welcome to you @nico.
Glad you've found your entry into the fediverse and again:

Thanks a lot for your contributions to Briar.

@nico welcome! Thanks for your work on @briar an awesome project we (@codelutin) sponsor. P2P enthusiast here, I will follow you 👍

@nico >it's a nice thing to start with an #introduction
No it isn't. Lurk more, shitpost more. If I need to read your introduction to know who you are, you're doing it wrong.
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