Always check SSH for weak credentials!

Recently found several systems on an assignment with open SSH ports that accepted username 'root' with no password!

It's easy to gloss over SSH ports as secure, but misconfigurations such as these can be found anywhere

Note keeping is an undervalued skill. What are your tips and tricks for keeping well organized notes?

Making your own distro is great fun! I'm currently baking my own based on Endeavour OS using Blackarch repos and PTF for tool management.

If this works out, I'm done using Kali 😁

Nothing as difficult as introducing a new reporting tool in an old company.

I truly hope will take off. It deserves it so much more than twitter and I love the idea of federated world.

Hello! Excited to finally see a security focused mastodon! Migrating here from another instance and from twitter, hope to have fun with ya'll ❤️

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