Finally got fed up with macOS on my mid-2014 MBP, especially since it can’t be updated to Monterey, and set up dual boot with Manjaro since I like Arch and use it a lot but didn’t want to fiddle too much on the install.

My god it’s amazing how fast it can actually run on a lightweight OS. Now my only reason to want an upgrade is for that sweet sweet M1 goodness and not because it takes 15 seconds to open a terminal on the current one.


@thracky I didn’t even bother to dual-boot my 2015 MacBook pro when they marked it obsolete for Monterey.

It’s full-on Ubuntu now, with Mate desktop so that my kids can feel at home on it after using Ubuntu Mate on their Raspberry Pi’s.

The only incompatibility so far has been the webcam, which apparently needs a special driver and some complex process to extract calibration values from firmware. 😕

@nbering yeah the dual boot is just for now as I wanted to just get it going for an upcoming trip and will likely wipe macOS eventually.

For the camera I just installed facetimehd on the mid-2014 which works well enough. With Manjaro/Arch it was painless through AUR but this should work for Ubuntu hopefully

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