I’ve been in IT for decades, worked as an industrial engineer, programmer, sysadmin, network engineer, and now in . Being selective makes sense, but I like my electronic locks, Nest thermostats and doorbells, i can turn my air compressor on with my phone, and find OpenWRT to be more trouble than its worth (ubiquiti unifi all the way).

Smart speakers seem a bit much, though.

@jerry I have a bunch of fun IOT garbage *and* I filter/block the hell out of it so it ostensibly only communicates to minimal functionality, if I let it talk to the Internet or anything else at all.

My LG TV doesn't need to talk to the Internet unless I want a firmware update, and I only want that if I'm having picture issues or if they decide to add eARC. So it doesn't need to go outside, even though it *really* wants to.

@robertcc @jerry Delaying upgrades has one problematic side-effect with IoT devices. I have an HP printer that upgrades manually from the touchscreen interface. I didn’t think to update it for a long time. By the time I did, they had decommissioned the download domain that was built in and the printer didn’t know the new one.


@robertcc @jerry Most HP devices can be upgraded with a special print job. Not mine. 😬

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