I've been lurking here a while, and realized I never did a proper .

I'm primarily a software developer, and have had a passion for AppSec and InfoSec since writing my first robust login page.

I was a Solo dev, writing line-of-business apps for my family's farm business for years before transitioning to development in a more professional context. After "going pro", I found the get-it-done attitude I picked up working solo lands me a lot of work at the intersection of Dev and Ops.

Back on the Farm we had about a dozen staff managing our small store and making gourmet sauces and whatnot.

We were pretty sophisticated for an Ag business, with a full 64-port switch, SIP phones running on PoE, and on-premise Asterisk PBX, printer and CNC cutter for producing the labels for our product lines, in-house graphic designer, etc.

So I got to do everything from Database Maintenance to terminating network cable, to home-brew PCB production for custom-built production equipment.

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