Love how every other knob refers to themselves as a ‘cybersecurity expert ‘. Let’s stop smoking the rock for a sec and remove that fucking phrase from your vernacular. If we had so many fucking experts, the state of cyber security wouldn’t be what it is today.

@mpg I agree that people throw around "expert" and "engineer" titles around without merit all over the tech industry.

In Canada, Engineer is a title reserved for one with a certain level of training and having taken an oath to follow a code of ethics.

I wouldn't call myself an "expert" of anything unless I had enough depth of knowledge to testify in court as an expert witness. I'd also grant anyone else "expert" title if they are in a position to write the curriculum for certification exams.

@mpg All that said, there is an industry-wide experience gap. According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey, more than 50% of developers have been coding professionally for less than 5 yrs.

I haven't seen stats for security, but if that holds true for the rest of the whole industry, then we need better language to convey levels of competence in specific technical domains.

Black and white expert or amateur labels leads to a type of bias that blinds us from assessing specialized skills.

@mpg marketing vs. Real life... I love the vendors at conferences that claim that "you are protected" with our service/blinky box..

@mpg the word “expert” has a different meaning, i think. It seems to refer to a charismatic person with a fair amount of experience that is able to explain reasonable-sounding solutions that often contort security problems to fit what the expert is selling.

@jerry @mpg geez Jerry... What you describe ain't an "expert" but rather a "quallified" salesperson! I think that an "expert" should be one who other consult with to learn stuff.. 99% of real experts are socially awkward "back room boffins". Look at Turing et. al.

@whonose123 @mpg i agree with you. But experts these days, particularly on social media, are all self declared.

@jerry @mpg yes well... I am an expert on experts and my expertise means that my expert opinion is that expert opinions are only worth the value of the expert's expertise... or not.

@whonose123 @jerry that is awesome 👏. So in your expert opinion.... LoL wow had jumped offline for a couple of days. Many responses, the one that I zeroed in on was “you have to say you are the messiah, to get an interview”. It’s a shame that is what the market has become. My experience the humble will run circles around the rest. Like the turtle they do cross the finish line. And do it with integrity and skill rather than flash and talk.

@mpg I’d be terrified to call myself an expert. I’m barely comfortable with the term “enthusiast”.

You gotta say you're the messiah just to get an interview....

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