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Managed to accidentally snort ground chipotle while making dinner somehow. I don’t advise repeating this.

Anyone ever have management that says they are willing to spend whatever money is necessary, but recoil when you bring them a number?

Anyone have suggestions for a unified solution besides Rapid7?

If you truly care about helping people, address their questions instead of dismissing them.

Has any person ever noticed that all the major browsers (with exception of Safari) are all based on the Chromium project? Single point of attack right there.

So answer me this: If password managers are so great, why in the world does it create a choke point? A hacker cracks the password for your password manager, and they have EVERYTHING!

So an internal pentest during compliance testing hacked our email server. Good thing it got nothing sensitive. But have been telling boss for two years that server needs to be re-done from scratch. New owners will probably move us to hosted solution before the end of the year.

I'm a content creator by virtue of my first profession, network and sysadmin by my current, and starting to pivot towards infosec for my third. Slightly obsessed with hex right now because of current stuff at work. So got and want to use content creation on it, but don't have a good idea to use on it. Any thoughts?

Anyone know if there is such thing as a junior security position that is remote?

Haven't been on here in a quarter. Easily get tied up elsewhere. @tinker reminded me of this alternate reality!

Further confusing is hiring of employees in companies, or just companies in general. What are these places afraid of?

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What is the matter with hiring? I can't get interviews for jobs I am qualified for. I can't get interviews for junior positions my education qualifies me for. Everyone is seeking out someone with a decade of experience, and no one is offering that decade of experience.

The confusion that the forms give when filling out have now hit me square between the eyes. I will likely owe a few thousand dollars I don't have this year because of it.

So the KB408875 and KB408878 issues from March have been "fixed". I run a network where updates are done on a 30 day delay. These updates don't even poll as needed now. Anyone else run in to this?

I need a new that isn't . Any suggestions that won't break the bank?

What solution will most easily allow me to implement on a small scale? I need an solution, and not a jump station. And I don't do Windows integration well.

Anyone know why hasn't seemed to have a major update for more than a year?

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