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I'm the only person on the planet that uses the swipe-actions-on-fingerprint-reader but I'll be damned if I stop now.

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I'm too lazy to look up whatever BlackFoxZeroOne Cipher Carbon Shadow.Stone paid their graphic designer to cook up.

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If your company has a ridiculous name and you pitch me, you MUST include your ridiculous logo. Those are just the rules.

unix history & women 

It makes me sad that the women who are mostly responsible for making Unix on personal computers possible aren't talked about much, because of figures like RMS & Torvalds (and whoever he argued with on usenet - Andy comes to mind) coming to dominate history.

I know shockingly little about Lynne Jolitz, despite her being pivotal to affordable Unix on the i386 being possible.

I know that there were women involved with the development of Coherent but I'd have difficulty even naming them. (seems connected that most of the early 386 Unixes were developed by family business?)

The old Bell Labs documentaries always make it seem like most of the earliest Unix users were women as well.

One saving grace: being Victorians, Bazalgette and his architect, Charles Henry Driver, believed that there was no reason a sewer system could not be beautiful.

This produced facilities like the Crossness and Abbey Mills Pumping Stations, which still appeal to the eye today, long after the gigantic steam engines they housed have been replaced by more modern equipment.


Abbey Mills:

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It will always exploit you because it does more than you need or could want.

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good evening.

a gentle reminder: what a fool believes he sees no wise man has the power to reason away.


From 1584 to 1961, there was a unit of the British army whose troops came from London’s legal community.

Its official name was the Inns of Court Regiment, but King George III gave them a more colorful nickname, which stuck.

It was once thought that pterodactyls were mammals similar to bats, and these 1843 drawings by Edward Newman depicted them with screaming possum faces.

I was going down a rabbit hole of Palm syncing software when I remembered I didn't buy this thing to use it, I bought it for fun.

I free

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