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There is a French company, Archos, that had the bad luck of inventing the future a little too early multiple times.

The first time was the Archos Jukebox, which they released in 2000. It was basically a hardware MP3 wrapped around a 2.5" 6GB hard drive. That was absolutely massive capacity at the time. (The original iPod, released more than a year later, only stored 5GB.)

Like most digital music players, it got absolutely clobbered by the iPod.

USPol, politeness in protesting 

You protest wherever they'll hear you because they never give you what you ask for, they never give you what you're due.

Perfect explanation of the #Fediverse! A federated network of different (social media) projects, incl. #Mastodon, #Pixelfed and #Peertube. Glued together by the #ActivityPub protocol.

More info at


Just so everybody is aware, there's been a bug in a recent version of Friendica (federated software compatible with Mastodon that exists in the Fediverse) that causes some replies to basically @ everyone in the thread. If you see this, please be courteous about it as the author of that post likely didn't intend to spam everybody.

uh, I had not noticed that my follower count had doubled in the last few weeks.

h-hi everyone

Another good one: in which I reveal how I used AppleScript, iCal, and WireTap (RIP) to turn This American Life into a pirate podcast.

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I'm honestly quite sad about the iPod. This is how they get ya.

jaycees building ("world's largest bureau"), high point, north carolina, 1982

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