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Tonight's deplatforming is... delicious

Google is suspending Parler from the Play Store until they fix their lack of moderation (which they claim they've been pushing Parler on for months but, uh, you're much bigger than Parler. exactly how hard do you think you pushed?)

Would you love seeing all your indie e-books with their beautiful covers and info displayed properly?

Try your FREE Libreture account today!

I genuinely do not have an answer for this. I went back and forth on it for days.

I'd love to know y'alls thoughts!

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To my mind, the larger question is: are these services worthwhile?

On the one hand, I reject the idea that if you're not doing every single thing in the most secure way possible, you're somehow a fool who is asking for trouble.

On the other, are these secure DNS services (combined with widespread HTTPS) really worthwhile? Do they protect privacy enough, given the threats arrayed against people?

Now, Bitdefender's Yonly (short for "You Only") is a competitor. It does basically the same thing, but without Cloudflare's fancy infrastructure. It also didn't boost speeds, but they never claimed it did. It also didn't cause as many problems with apps and services as

A note on that last part: After my initial speed tests, I worked very closely with Cloudflare. They never objected to my methodologies, and in fact I ran several more rounds of tests with different tools and configurations at their request—with little change in the results.

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Back before I went on (a very much needed) vacation, I reviewed Cloudflare's Android app. It's an interesting idea, and the desire for something like a VPN but more user friendly has merit. I found it created many problems with day-to-day usage, and did not deliver the promised speed boosts.

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You'd think that PR flacks would know better than to pitch today.

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I stayed up to watch the end of counting the electoral votes last night, which concluded at 3:45AM and with the over 100 US congress people voting to overturn the legal ballots of millions of Americans.

Earlier the same day, a mob of terrorists stormed the same building. A woman died outside the room where this vote was cast.

I stayed up because I felt that, after all that had happened, it had to mean something. It didn't.

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Disney, what people are talking about is not in your app.

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