Finally found my dog's chip with the ! In the process I realized that the flashing LED goes from blue to yellow to green as you get closer so you can play hot-or-cold with it.

re: COVID adjacent 

My union contract gives me 25 vacation days and it would be anti-labor of me not to use all of them.

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COVID adjacent 

I'm getting the New Juice booster next week and then, at some point, I am taking a lot of time off.

@wolfteeth I rubbed her down all over, but I'll be trying again later. I wonder if maybe her fur is too thick?

I was actually just about to reach out to the company because my Flipper apparently spent a week getting from York, PA to New York.

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Not the right season but I am absolutely tickled that, after more than a decade, this video still makes me laugh.

Setting myself a personal challenge of writing all my morning emails without my glasses. Should be interesting.

@freakazoid That's absolutely possible! My first thought was that they were going to phase-in the design across all its models over the next few years. They've done that before.

Color me extremely surprised: iFixit says the iPhone 14 has been completely redesigned for repairability.

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