My colleagues at the New Yorker bargained all weekend to avoid a picket of the New Yorker Festival. The issue is Just Cause, a century-old protection for journalists that management is now trying to strip away. The NYer people were still going at 4:30AM today.

The New Yorker Union has announced a digital picket of the New Yorker Festival over the issue of Just Cause. AOC and Liz Warren are honoring it.

Twitter is bad but this is important: my colleagues and I need a contract with strong Just Cause language. With it, the author of this statement wouldn't have to fear retaliation.

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The NewsGuild is calling on Congress to make funds available to keep news outlets and journalists on the job, providing life-saving information to the populace. I voted with my local last night to support the effort.

If you feel strongly, please sign the petition.

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Tomorrow, I'll be doing a bargaining session where all the members are in separate locations and calling in via Zoom.

Because of course we're using Zoom.

I'm hoping the Kickstarter is what lights the fire for more tech unions. People need to see that it's possible to organize, despite the huge obstacles arrayed against them.

Listening to Parliament while I wait to start contract bargaining.

I'm an at-will employee, which means I can be fired for any reason or no reason at all. Just Cause language in a contract raises the bar. It's the foundation of a NewsGuild contract and let's me say what needs to be said.

This is what solidarity looks like! Standing out in Union Square to support my friends at the GMG Union. Deadspin was gutted this week, and it won't be the end. Let 'em know you're watching.

G/O Media—the current owners of Gizmodo, Deadspin, and others—are retaliating hard against their own employees. Let 'em know you're watching.
✊ Union Strong.

"When Gawker was murdered in a terrifying blow to freedom of the press, a shocking number of other journalists said the site deserved it [...] They don’t say that Gawker unionizing made conditions better across the industry."

I'll say it: My industry owes a huge debt to the folks at Gawker and related sites for its trailblazing organizing. We all talked about it. We all waited to see what would happen. We all learned, and some of us followed.

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So happy for the folks at Vox for getting their first contract. 29 hours of bargaining!

If you're interested in organizing your workplace—and especially if you work in digital media—hit me up.

I am stunned.
Just now, our management at Ziff Davis (PCMag's publisher), announced their intent to voluntarily recognize our : the Ziff Davis Creators Guild. It's not a done deal just yet, and I'm really hung up on the word "intent" but........YAY PERHAPS????

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