Small victory from all the cleaning, these split knobs now move independently of each other.
Unfortunately, the right channel is still dead.

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Back on my bullshit this weekend, in my 10 year quest to fix the right channel of this stereo. This time, cleaning contacts. Took all the knobs off except this bastard.

Does anyone else experience this? Two Firefox instances appearing in the Android app switcher?

Food, kombucha 

It's a bottling day. I started making kombucha shortly after wfh started. This is my 15th batch: one large honeydew, one small blueberry and lemon, one small blueberry and ginger.

Here's another pitch for a potential collaboration with a major security vendor. This is not a joke, and I still think it's a good idea.

In case you were wondering why I was writing about Myst the other day: my review of realMyst: Masterpiece Edition for the Nintendo Switch. It's still a great game, but the Switch controls are very frustrating.

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