Slowly, painstakingly, extracting my ancient actually-purchased music from Google Music.

I don't have any idea where to put them now. Funkwhale, I guess?

Animal Crossing 

Apparently I just made the ding dang moon in Animal Crossing??

This is easily the biggest fraudulent charge I've ever been hit with. And I get a LOT of fraudulent charges. I admire the audacity.

:David Attenborough voice: In the early spring, the air conditioners of New York emerge from hibernation. It's been a long winter, but do they have enough freon to last the summer?

I'm absolutely terrified the anchors won't hold. Which I guess is great motivation to play more and not leave then hanging.

Replaced my janky audio kludge from a decade ago with the real deal and now the whole thing doesn't work.

>woke up, remembered I didn't have coffee 😩
>Remembered that I DID have a bag of beans AND a grinder 😄
>Discovered the grinder was broken 😟
>>Fail at repairing grinder 😔
>Notice large, primarily decorative mortar and pestle on the windowsill 🤔

And thus

I mean, it's very much in line for my whole experience with this setup. This is how I got around Pioneer's weird speaker plug.

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