Color me extremely surprised: iFixit says the iPhone 14 has been completely redesigned for repairability.

@maxeddy The fact that they didn't do it for the Pro and Pro Max tells me they probably did this for the EU and will just stop selling the higher end models there if the EU gives them any trouble.

@freakazoid That's absolutely possible! My first thought was that they were going to phase-in the design across all its models over the next few years. They've done that before.

@maxeddy @freakazoid This was my initial interpretation as well - I hope that's where they move at least, this looks like a super cool change and I'd love to see it on the full line in the next couple generations

@eritbh @maxeddy And worst case now that they've demonstrated they can do it we can all complain far more bitterly if they don't ;-)

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