Between that and the Big A having the ability to get into people's houses (like vampires, they have to be invited but still), yea, quite insidious.


@bloodravenlib @maxeddy Haha they absolutely fucking will not if they value their leg skin.

@maxeddy not my problem, I'd sooner die than purchase IoT garbage

@maxeddy and just like that I have zero desire to own one of those anymore. Sticking with a manual vac over more Bezos spyware.

@maxeddy So, while the Roomba is cleaning up my mess, Alexa can call me a pig now? That's so great!

@maxeddy What about this idea: a crumble analyser! Roomba scans what fell into the carpet and Amazon can make me suggestions what kind of biscuits and crisps I can buy next.

Custumers with red wine stains also bought: ice cream. Alexa, play sad love songs!

@maxeddy looks like I need to stock up on replacement parts for my 550 series like that scene from Wall-E

@maxeddy Yeah, this really bums me out. I love my Roomba and don't want to get rid of it b/c of Amazon.

@maxeddy great, now since they also intrude the medical sector, I'm guessing it's not too far out until they recommend you medicine and your employer knows what's going on thanks to a constantly moving microphone.

@maxeddy interesting how it all started with them adding wi-fi and mapping of rooms for better cleaning. And I remember thinking that's the dumbest shit ever to buy. Kept repairing my old school Roomba with new parts while the new wifi models rolled out. Feels like yesterday, and now we see their true plan all along. Just to sell more customer data.

@stemid @maxeddy agree. What’s the best alternative now? Ps: still repairing my old roombas

Amazon spent ${COUGH} years trying to develop their own semi-autonomous robot, which they released as Astro. I think this serves as final admission that Astro was a total whiff.

@maxeddy I knew picking a model that isn't online was a good idea.


Unionized? Instant block. Unions are parasites.

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