I spent two weeks reading old PCMag articles to map the history of the magazine and the consumer technology industry in six objects.



If you're not sure you want to read thousands and thousands of words about old stuff, perhaps the scintillating prose will entice you.

Genuinely loving all the stories folks are sharing with me about this stuff. :blobcatheart:

@maxeddy kind of impressed at how someone managed to be that horny in an imac article

@maxeddy we had the swivel neck iMacs at my college library and I thought they were really cool! I remember a lot of people comparing them to the pixar lamp

@prehensile Oh, totally like the lamp. I remember using one in a college computer lab and it was one of the gigantic ones which were comically huge. Like someone just dragged the corner of an image in PhotoShop.

@maxeddy oh yeah we had the humongous ones too

reading the article now and wondering how many of the original 500 iPhone apps still exist in any form

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