I'm trying to figure out the name of this MP3 a guy showed me in 2003. All I remember is that it had a black and red display and a weird barrel/dial on the side.


I think it might have been this? The Sony Walkman NW-MS70D. It's the right shape and weird controls, but I remember it being black.

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@maxeddy That looks like I think exactly what it is: A MP3 player designed by a company that only knew how to do removable media

@jlendino yeah and I do remember the guy going on about how it was better than the iPod because it could use SD cards.

Then he used my 3rd gen iPod for 10 minutes and admitted he was wrong.

@maxeddy I'd love to say Sony tried, but they really didn't. They stuck with their crap DRM and rootkit CDs for so long. They threw away such a huge lead from the 80s and 90s.

@maxeddy Yeah, it was bad. It all came back to me when I was doing the iPod story.

@jlendino @maxeddy I have a Sony NW-ZX300 portable audio player now. It's actually a very, very good device.

@robdaemon @maxeddy Oh I believe it! Sony eventually figured it out. I pine for the era of great Sony gear, and they (Sony and Sony Ericsson) put out some great smartphones.

@jlendino @maxeddy well, it does high resolution audio, the touchscreen is easy to use and it can use microSD cards. It’s just an audio player - it doesn’t do anything else. And it supports balanced audio output. It sounds amazing. “Do one thing and do it well”

@maxeddy @jlendino

"Then he used my 3rd gen iPod for 10 minutes and admitted he was wrong."

THAT is hilarious.

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