Another good one: in which I reveal how I used AppleScript, iCal, and WireTap (RIP) to turn This American Life into a pirate podcast.

Tempted to buy one just to resell it in 20 years. But then, there's that whole "never give another penny to that fruity tyrant" thing.


I had no idea that silly device was still available. Give me back my Rio PMP300, dammit! (

@maxeddy I was reluctant. I am otherwise always an early adopter but I **really** liked minidisc **so much** because it was easy to work with and i loved making mixes for people. i loved handing them off or mailing them. it's not the same sending a playlist.

especially when i used a lot of vinyl when making my minidisc mixes. this is really bumming me out all over again 😂 once i caved SoundJam MP encoded ~300 CDs that iTunes Match made better thank g-d

@maxeddy but i still have my rev A 10GB and my ex-wife has a 5GB; #Firewire400 or GTFO, replacement battery from Newer Tech in 2004 and it still works. also have a 30GB iPod with a 30pin composite analog video connection kit for hotel TVs before hotel WiFi 😂

@pixouls @maxeddy someone had arcade fire on their list.

my one and only iPod was a big 80 GB spinning disk iPod classic. even that somehow skipped all the time when driving. still better than dealing with CD binders.

@pixouls @maxeddy

I wrote a simple AppleScript that opened TAL’s weekly stream in a web browser and activated a recording app called WireTap. I tied the whole thing to a recurring iCal event

that’s not how you install Spotify, what is this criminal behavior?

@maxeddy ipod was really dead the moment they switched to the ipod touch tbh. it's an iphone that can't make calls. i maintain that the clickwheel is and was the killer feature of the ipod, it doesn't work as well as a fiddly touchscreen device

@wolfteeth Oh, definitely. The iPod Touch's main function was a low cost entry point to the iOS app ecosystem.

@wolfteeth @maxeddy yeah, honestly touchscreen works for some things but it's such a downgrade in others. This is such an example.

@DarkWraithLord @maxeddy My partner's iPod nano continues to be a superb car music device.

@derek @maxeddy I still own the one that played video and had a camera 😂

@DarkWraithLord @maxeddy
Am I the only one that liked the mechanical wheel better?

@maxeddy I loved my 3rd gen classic. Just a brick o' music. So sad when they stopped making them. If I were tech savvy I'd just build my own

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