@maxeddy Takes a long time for Duracell's to do that or a lot of temperature changes. Got to remember to remove the batteries from devices I am not using for a year or two, but I never seem to.


Indeed. I saw a small amount of corrosion yesterday in an old wireless mouse. It used to be quite common until the 90s or so, but I hadn't had this happen for decades now.


@0 @maxeddy Solar lights always have this issue with NiCd or NiMh chemistries due to the wide temperature ranges. It opens the vent to release pressure which corrodes the terminals. Best to coat the contacts taking care to avoid greasing the vent with silicone grease as soon as you get them.

@maxeddy pro tip from the mad engineer: use NiMH rechargeable batteries instead of alkalines, and you won't suffer this fate.

@sindastra nope. And you're doing your part to reduce e-waste by not using GOD-FORSAKEN single-use batteries, which are a blight upon the planet. @maxeddy

@Anarkat There's one argument for alkaline though, but it's only in specific usage cases, where alkaline can provide 1.5V whereas NiMH can only do 1.2V... I mean it won't matter for many things but for some things it will. But of course most people don't even know that and just get whatever has AA on it so... 🤷‍♀️ @maxeddy

@sindastra That's one.

Not only do alkaline batteries put out 0.3v more per cell, they can also last insanely long under ultra-low discharge uses, such as in remote controls.

I still don't think that's really worth the trade-off of damage and waste that single-use batteries are responsible for.

And the voltage difference wouldn't matter for anything at all if manufacturers built their electronics with proper tolerances. @maxeddy

@Anarkat @maxeddy I second this. Although, they're not "stick on your tongue" safe, they're also safer than cadmium junk. I've had a pair of batteries in an old AlphaSmart Dana that I got from eBay and totally forgot in the closet for 7 years. Just got it out and the batteries haven't leaked

@maxeddy I use normal vinigar to clean devices where the batteries leaked.

@rudolf @maxeddy this looks like it might have been sitting there for quite a while. Don't think vinegar will be of much use 😅​

@skander @maxeddy Try it. You will see what I mean. I was surprised when I tried it the first time.

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