I've got a NextCloud instance running on Cloudamo, but they uh don't seem to encrypt data. Anyone have experience with The Good Cloud or Webo?

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@maxeddy If you can administer your NextCloud install, you can go to "Security" and enable "Server Side Encryption".

"On the air encryption" may be a job to HTTPS...

@juliobiason Thank you! I'm looking at managed hosting at the moment, but I suspect that won't work out.

@maxeddy tbf I don't see the benefit of the "Server Side Encryption" feature. Just encrypt the file system or use the end-to-end encryption module/app for sensitive files.

@fll Interesting! The end-to-end app appears to not be available in most of these managed hosting options.

@maxeddy I'm not educated enough to know what "managed hosting" entails exactly, but if you just want to have a nextcloud instance for yourself and not use the server for anything else you could take a look at providers who host and rent out instances. Never looked at those myself but that might be an option:

@fll Got it. That's the list I am working from at the moment.

@maxeddy Ahh ok. So they restrict you in the modules you can install? Not fun :(

Sorry for wasting your time then :P
I only ever self hosted it on a machine in my home. Not too bad to deal with updates and works nicely with LetsEncrypt and dyndns.

@maxeddy @fll
Maybe they're complying with some law or regulation. I think cloudamo had an option to install and manage yourself, no?

@salsa @fll I believe that's true! I suspect that this might just be a side effect of managed hosting writ large, but just doing research right now.

@maxeddy Hetzner offers server side encryption starting at the 9€/m tier. Their NC hosting has been really solid over the last 10ish month

On #Nextcloud you have to enable encryption in the admin settings, it's not on by default and there might be a plug-in to install for better handling of encrypted files, you could also encrypt the whole server at system disk level but that's another story I guess..

@maxeddy I haven't bothered to check out this nextcloud stuff. i use resiliosync for tons of things - lightroom catalogs, dotfiles for workstations (dotfiles.shared, dotfiles.queenmary, dotfiles.worklappie, etc.) and i generally trust apple and google with my calendar and contacts so i don't know what nextcloud is really great at! i also have a synology filer so that probably lowers my interest. should i check it out anyway?

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