USPol, Bolton's Book 

These insider Trump tell-alls make great hate reads, but the authors don't deserve any credit. They joined the administration for the same reason anyone works with a demagogue: the closer you are, the more power you get.
Once ejected from Trump's orbit, they do the next best thing: try to cash in on their complicity.

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re: USPol, Bolton's Book 

@maxeddy if Bolton knew of wrongdoing but withheld the evidence from the impeachment process in order to profit... well then he is a callow traitor of the first degree.

USPol, Bolton's Book 

@maxeddy Agreed. This information should have been leaked with whistleblower protections. Or Bolton should have at least testified as part of the impeachment trial. He's doing to cash in. But at least this info is coming out before the election.

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